1. You know why people like Botox? Bc it overwhelmingly works.

  2. I’m making myself drink more water and washing my face with $8 Aragon oil from Trader Joe’s. Face is way less dry than most winters.

  3. We were allowed to carry huge knives on our belt at high school and our high school even had indoor and outdoor student smoking courts for the student smokers (Virginia in early 80s). I also remember kids showing their guns.. lol

  4. Wow. In 2000 my middle school was making national news for suspending an 11yo girl for wearing a Tweety Bird wallet chain.

  5. What did you do to her?! She looks like she just got home after being stuck in traffic for an hour and the rent is due but payday is next week.

  6. Ha! I interrupted her regular plans of laying on the back of the couch to watch the bird feeder all day!

  7. There’ll be federal subpoenas flying round after the lunatic eventually, considering one target is a police officer and another a lawyer. A throwaway isn’t going to protect me when the lunatic does the same.

  8. You’re being incredibly unhelpful. I want to know if any of the animal groups I donate to are the one you’re talking about.

  9. Thanks for the time you put into this endeavor! I wish I were a part of this sub when the survivors began but I’m glad I found it when I did. Great opportunity to revisit earlier works and discuss Tori, something I literally never have an opportunity to do IRL.

  10. SAME. My gf is sick of hearing me go on and on and on and on lol. But I have to listen to her go on and on and on about sneakers as she collects them so I’ll call it even. 😝

  11. Sounds like my husband. Except with him it’s sneakers AND Power Rangers!

  12. Sounds like you have a case of chip lip. That’s what I call it when I eat tortilla chips, cutting the corners of my mouth and making it worse with the salt and salsa. ;)

  13. Thank you. I found making powerful women magical and ignoring the atrocities some survived such as Margaret Beaufort horrifying. It is not good for survivors of bad things and it condemns a lot of women who laid the foundations of the modern feminist movement by working against the expected culture. Teenage me loved them but because of the other books I read that were non fiction I couldn't keep loving them as I got older and both experienced things that showed a poor understanding of psychology and knew enough to know the BS was strong

  14. My relationship with her work is basically the same. However, I’ll always appreciate her entertaining hot messes for kickstarting my interest in history and desire to read accurate, scholarly material.

  15. Shower always, unless I’m using jet to fill water reservoirs in my grow boxes.

  16. The one who shot one of them first? You don’t say.

  17. 24 hours, never had any issues. I do avoid heavy lifting where I’m more likely to make crazy strained faces for 48-72 hours but I’m back to intense cardio the next day.

  18. Wow did you do anything in particular to get these results?

  19. I know! I just got this a few days ago as well, and already love it! Edited to say I normally use FECC and I think this better

  20. The reason this one is expensive is because it's using an expensive ingredient. Their cheaper products are still very cheap, even with the slight price increase they announced recently.

  21. They should probably articulate that. In the reviews I’ve seen online that point out the high price, TO responds with ‘global increase in prices, etc’ which I think many people are getting tired of hearing, especially when you see companies making record profits.

  22. Your cousin sounds like a PoS that you and your family enable and make excuses for

  23. I just stumbled across this a year later but it’s never too late to tell you that your comment is insane and you sound like a terrible person.

  24. Ben Wyatt.. look.. calzones are pointless also please go wash your letters to Cleo shirt it’s starting to smell.

  25. For weeks I’ve been thinking this has big Liz Lemon energy. Can’t believe I forgot about the Ice Clown and his disdain for PJ’s interpretation!

  26. Wait why are board ones a nightmare? I just mounted this guy a week ago and he’s doing okay.

  27. I have an impossible time keeping it watered. Even if I soak the whole thing, it’s bone dry a few days later. Also, the soil keeps falling off with time, just making it worse. I bought it already mounted so maybe DYI with burlap or something to hold the roots and soil would be better, but mine is just sad. Please send tips!

  28. I’m over by Six Flags, where we honor cartoons instead of slavers, traitors and the Lost Cause lie.

  29. So uh, what flags does six flags celebrate again?

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