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  1. argenteo guttata begonia, and a beautiful one at that

  2. best friend and I are 17 and 18 we taught ourselves through youtube in april

  3. yeah… lol i posted it to the slug reddit before this one trying to find a name for it

  4. Do you have a higher resolution? I can’t read it with this one, it’s too blurry.

  5. i don’t i found this picture on Pinterest and i believe that’s it’s in japanese

  6. It is in Japanese, and I can read it, but it’s too blurry to read, unfortunately. You’re specifically wondering about the marks on the circled part, not the words above, right?

  7. Alocasias almost prun themselves so it’s probably dropping this leaf to give the plant more energy for new leafs

  8. yarn bee at hobby lobby doesn’t have the greatest range of color options but the have lots of colors and yarn types my favorite is the safe haven it’s so gorgeous

  9. They are fincki, mine was happy then it lost all the leaves it had and now has 2 new leaves and baby popping up. Haven't changed anything.

  10. Today it’s doing better standing up a bit more and has a friend coming in on the side so i think she was a bit shocked but i got her

  11. what kind of plant is this i have one and i don’t know the bame

  12. i love reddit honestly i deleted instagrams months ago a really got into my reddit community all i have seen is kind and humorous people. Persons who wantt to truly help and make peoples day this is just one example i hope to be able to be apart of these communities for a while❤️

  13. I agree with the other comments but i also think you should wait for more of a stem system if your planning to pot it soon

  14. so beautiful my monstera does want to put out pretty fenstations for me may i ask how you do it

  15. The pot is very big, they don't have huge roots so you can put them in a smaller pot.

  16. thank you i tend to forget about it cause it’s in a different part of the house from my other plants , then realize i haven’t watered it so i drenched it

  17. If you have vermiculite, you can mix that with bark and soil and plant them in that. Vermiculite is loose and airy and retains water extremely well so you don't have to water as often. It's great for rainforest plants

  18. thank you so much definitely trying everything

  19. how do you help open new leaves i recently got one and on my largest leaf it has a bud for a new leaf but because it was shipped to me the tip of the pod has turned brown , i want to help open it so i don’t lose out on new growth

  20. I dont. If its brown- its probably a goner, from all the stress. But dont worry, the plant will shoot out many new growth points in no time. But yeah, under no circumstances do I 'help' stuck leaves

  21. i don’t have the best of luck with begonias so i’m hoping for the best-thank you!

  22. absolutely beautiful mine is a spring catus blooms beginning of spring like this but small pink blooms just stunning plant

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