1. What website are you using? I've been looking for a good one to rewatch it

  2. She isn't nia for the entire duration, she had to leave during the second half.

  3. French dubs in general go hard for no real reason (outside of a few exceptions of course but yeah)

  4. First Reddit post I’ve ever seen of Starfire not looking like an orange porn star lol

  5. TIL Ayane Sakura breathes life to most of my waifus

  6. Episode 7. He played a character named Jack, who was formerly part of Knuckles's pirate crew before leaving to form his own crew.

  7. what the heck do you mean with "jacksepticey in sonicprime"?

  8. Please let us know your thoughts after the process, OP :D

  9. I don’t get the current obsession with puss and boots it’s fine but it not great it’s pretty generic standard kids movie

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