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2ND UPDATE: Matt Gaetz will be speaking at a high school near me next week. Below is the email that I sent the superintendent. All I have are my vote and my voice, it's past time I start utilizing both.

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  1. It's about 0.11% of her $46,300,000,000 net worth and a tax write off. Good on her but wake me up when she donates $1 billion+ instead.

  2. She has already donated more than $12B to 1200 organizations so far, so rise and shine! She’s also on the list of billionaires that plan on donating their money before their deaths.

  3. We just used Eddie Ajamian and he was wonderful. We are first time homebuyers too and he was there every step of the way.

  4. I was the first one to text the landlord the day the listing came up (I texted at 9:06am).

  5. Agnes is real nice but might not have available seats

  6. To add to this, dogs should not be left unsupervised with babies, and there is no place for babies on dogs. Most of the viral dog/baby videos I see are horrifying, not cute

  7. Totally agree. We have two dogs and they have never been left with my toddler alone or supervised without a barrier or an adult guiding my daughter. Let’s not forget they are animals with animal instincts!!!

  8. Akbar has a dance floor no? Last I went was pre-pandemic

  9. What kind of stuff are you looking for? I do a lot of thrifting, but I'm really more looking for retro clothes and vintage decor.

  10. Looking for vintage decor myself! Any recommendation?

  11. My husband and I were talking about the parallels to their storylines. Tech “genius” cheats with younger girl. She discovers the joy of philanthropy and ordinary life etc. seems very inspired at least.

  12. Mackenzie Scott is a Princeton graduate and was a student of Toni Morrison. She’s extremely smart and brilliant. In Loot, Maya Rudolph’s character is sort of described as a housewife who married a smart guy that became a millionaire. Slight difference. Edit: spelling of Toni

  13. D’avoir une famille qui me soutient dans mes choix persos (déménagement aux usa, coming out…), d’avoir construit une famille avec ma femme et notre fille de 15 mois et d’avoir une carrière construite par moi toute seule.

  14. You might try turning off the hvac but let the fan run for an hour to defrost the coil.

  15. That’s it. We had to turn on the heat on Friday to help defrost the coil.

  16. No way!!! The Pasadena Human Society picked up the dog tonight! They can call tomorrow if it’s theirs! (626) 792-7151

  17. Aw, poor guy. It's way too hot for a pup to be wandering around today. Did you let the Humane Society know you found a stray? If there's an owner, I'm guessing that'd be one of the first places they'd call.

  18. Yes! They picked him up and will keep him til they find his owners!

  19. Google dit que c'est homosexuel dans les BD de Titeuf... Et je dis que je vois pas le rapport.

  20. Merci! Vois pas le rapport non plus :)

  21. I can't believe the line there when I drive by. People really have a short memory. smh

  22. Thanks, I just bought one. How do you place the vent? Towards baby’s back or the front? I have the rear-facing infant carseat (Chicco Keyfit 30) and am wondering what’s the best way to cool her back.

  23. The good thing is that you can decide! We have it aiming at her face but you could also attach to aim towards her head. It doesn’t blow like crazy.

  24. In terms of jetlag, the first two days are going to be your personal hell but stick to it. We traveled from LA to France when our baby was 7 months and we basically stuck to the local time as soon as we arrived. We woke her up from her naps and took a lot of strolls around and it helped a lot. The first night was terrible though because we were all exhausted.

  25. Amazing work. Thank you for pressing and not giving up. I think that they just wait for us to drop the issues. Let’s not and keep fighting

  26. Meal train or a gift card for delivery service!

  27. Debby Downer here but holy sh*t.... is this necessary? I'm in work meetings and people think I'm in the middle of a war zone while my baby is trying to a nap.

  28. It's the all star game at Dodger Stadium, first time since 1980 that it's been held here. Kind of comes with the territory for huge sports events.

  29. Thanks for the context! It's very odd for a non-American to see so much the Army is involved at sports games!

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