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  1. I’m honestly starting to wonder how Matt Groening is always able to predict this. The dude has to be psychic or something!

  2. Verily did my heart jump with the Pfizer in my ventricles when I heard mention of Cardinal Brown, Saint of the Pacific Northwest (many non-discriminatory holiday masks be upon her). I immediately thought: are there others in the Church who dwell in this the land of many holy mask warriors and devoted receptacles of the sacred elixir? Hear me, brothers, sisters, and transters, while I recount my earnest albeit futile attempts to enshrine our fearless leader for all eternity in the glorious realm of Salem. It was long ago, when I took to the Twitters (may zhou all forgive me for my sinful straying) to demand that our wise and quite fetching Cardinal Brown be immortalized as a gold statue to replace Gold Man, who siteth atop Salem's capitol building, the most architecturally lovely capitol building in the Universe. Thanks to her infinite wisdom and her wise leadership did we Oregonians not all die a horrible plague death. And thanks to her as well, all the illiterate children of Oregon will now go on to get good government jobs and, now that we have ferreted out the nastiness and racism of our maths, perhaps shall become bridge engineers, for all knoweth that bridges founded on the magical equation of 2+2=5 are the soundest, yes, in the Universe. But I digress. How did I suggest we pay for Cardinal Brown's glorious new Gold statue? Why, by levying a tax on all the knobby truck tires and coal-rollers rumbling along Oregon's shambling roads, of course. Especially those wicked wild men of Clackamas County, whose fetid stench befouls the pure and virtuous air of Multnomah County. Gold Woman shall rise! Amen/Awomen/Asomething.

  3. Left there last December. Born and raised in Silverton. Moved to the Midwest post army. Fuck Oregon and they’re crazy tax and Covid laws. Sorry I have sinned. A lot.


  5. But damn…. I mean… why is she hot!? It makes it so akward…

  6. Everytime I see this down in the ghetto by Elvis plays in my head. No I’m not old. My sgt major used to walk around our fob singing it 🤣

  7. There is a proposal trying to dispute whether this is actually a nocebo effect or a gaslighting effect by fringe epidemiologists seeming to get a lot of attention. There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of such premises. I don't see anything like that on line yet - is it underway?

  8. It’s not even parody anymore. It’s just insane gaslighting and people fall for it. Just sad

  9. Same. I work in rail industry and provide my guys with carhartt pants and jackets every fall as a gift. That’s gone. Dickies and key brand from now on

  10. Are you sure Dickies doesn't have similar requirements for workers?

  11. Please. Seriously. I’m over trying to play nice with these sick fucks.

  12. I don’t see why we can’t have 50 nations and an American defense organization that actually is just for defense and not for world building and Middle East destroying

  13. Oregon sucks moved away from my lifelong home state last year. Midwest is way cheaper, better/safer town, lower tax, more water parks! And better hunting. Never looking back.

  14. Not stirring the pot here but I am honestly fine and ready for a national divorce….

  15. I’ve heard beetle juice but the admirals a new and better one 🤯😂

  16. Reminds me of the last page of the ranger handbook… let them come till you can see the whites of their eyes and jump up and finish em off with your hatchet lol

  17. Ya because I’m sure all u turd bag renters are their base customers….. huuuuuge eyeroll

  18. This is what pre tyrannical governments do, this country is at the precipice of end of state

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