1. Transactional relationships, the price being your grades and sometimes your translating service to them. It's sick.

  2. OH MY GOD. There's nothing worse than narcissists accusing you of things that are the LITERAL OPPOSITE of what you are. And they make a mountain out of a molehill too!!

  3. A massage on the scalp would do more than a shaving ever would for "hair growth". Hopefully you can seek out something for your hair growth. Your mother is cheap and stupid. Going to a specialist of some sort would be tons beneficial than just "shaving your head" and calling it a cure.

  4. The facepalm I did was so hard Saturn could probably hear me.

  5. Whenever something goes wrong under my watch or responsibility, when I tell you I get sick, I get sick. My stomach drops, I feel nausea and I feel like puking, migraine and pressure comes to my brain, and all kinds of imaginations of what might happen comes to my brain, and for the rest of the day I'm jittery when I hear any voice that remotely sounds like a question because WHAT DID I DO WRONG NOW??? And as you might imagine, it's hell.

  6. Hugs. Soul twinsies in trauma haha.

  7. Umm, no? I'm sorry but at this day and age a laptop is an essential at this point. She's just trying to spite you because you said you aren't going to college. She's a child.

  8. No. I work for them since I am severely stunted in life. If they dropped dead tomorrow I would starve, even with my degrees.

  9. Huh, I wonder where he gets that statistic. It's damning, but where is it from?

  10. This never fails to make me laugh. What comedy is this!?

  11. With boomer Hong Kong parents? Same same.

  12. Guess who conditioned you to be this way before they decided they don't like it? They probably are selfish assholes all their life too. Now that their child mirrors it they don't like it? Tough luck.

  13. It seems like Turkey can just get no breaks. It sucks. Hopefully everything will be as okay as it can be!!

  14. The love that you got from your mother was transactional, point-blank, period. Coupled with the conditioning and manipulation I don't blame you one bit. Breathe easy. Take a decision that gives you the most peace.

  15. I think it's a bit too vague. I would say that your childhood is the programming on which the rest of your adult life is going to be based. Can you perform outside your programming? Yes, you can, but it's out of the box for you and it can be hard. Can you overcome the programming? You might, but again, it might be astronomically hard.

  16. Tylenol and Iburprofen trip me up because they're seemingly the most benign shit ever, yet now after surgery I'm told "DO NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN!" Wife was told Ibuprofen was verboten for pregnancy but Tylenol was safe (I was of the same opinion) but she took zero medicine during the whole thing. Then we find out even Tylenol is bad.

  17. What's so bad about ibuprofen though?

  18. I don't know about with pregnant women. But from my own personal experience it can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers. And that goes for all NSAIDs, not just ibuprofen (Advil). Naproxen, and Aspirin are also terrible on your gastrointestinal system.

  19. Great God. And I take them every few days or weeks for migraines. Shit, man.

  20. What is it that you can't do without that Taiwan ARC? Are the pros > cons? Is the money you're making enough to cover for what Taiwan ARC will being you? (I assume Taiwan ARC means a sort of migration or residency thing)

  21. Its an immigration thing. I don't need her to do it, but it will make my life bureaucratically easier. This is the chance I'm giving her. If she wants to take it with integrity(she won't be able to). My gran is a chip, I am a chip as well. I just realised that she actually already died in my mind some time ago, and thats from actively dealing with CPTSD and self funded analytic therapy 3 times a week for 11 years lol..so maybe its novelty on my side that I'm finally able to see her as somewhat of a failing employee who has already been terminated or resigned from a role in my life. I'm curious how the comms are gonna unfold in the coming weeks.

  22. Absolutely. I guess that's what I suspected. You just wanted to see for a final time how they will act after all those years, and a sort of closure for yourself.

  23. Oof. If a PRINCESS collapsed, hahahahahahahah oh damn. Pfizer's not getting out of this one.

  24. Well, let the people starve then. Shit, man. Their food literally comes from farms and they want them gone.

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