RIP for 23 year old defender of Azovstal Mikhail Popov

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  2. If you could get more pictures of russians and neo nazi connections that would be great, I'm trying to prove to afew russians that there is nazis in Russia and none believe me

  3. Milchakov, who fought on the side of the Luhansk People's Republic, became known in 2011 for killing animals and posting photographs on the Internet. He gained fame in the summer of 2011, in connection with the cruel photos in which he cuts off the head of a puppy and comments: "Animals also have rights, and I respect their right to be tasty, fried, have many veins and bones." He himself posted these photos on his Vkontakte page, which he later deleted. But due to the widespread indignation of users, the photos went viral on the Internet.

  4. A doctor has confessed to murdering and dismembering a woman he dated when he discovered she had undergone sex change surgery. The Russian man identified as Mikhail Tikhonov, 27, cooked some of her body parts in her oven and flushed her remains down the toilet, he told police.


  6. The soldier says:"That's how we live on Zmeinny Island"

  7. On the cross of the White Mountain in Belgorod, 18-year-old Yegor Skutov, a graduate of an Orthodox gymnasium, hanged himself. He was born in Stary Oskol and graduated from high school here. Then he moved to Belgorod and studied at the university.

  8. one man remained alive, which is in the upper left corner. the guy in the middle killed a 15 year old girl before committing suicide

  9. He punched her three times, she fell down and asked him to leave. He instead strangle her until she passed out, he raped her, noticed her heart was still beating, then he cut her throat and stabbed her between the ribs. After she was dead, he had sex with her corpse, went away to eat a sandwich and take a nap, before returning to rape her corpse a second time before writing a suicide note explaining what he did. he then hanged himself.


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