1. "Yeah, I'll do you one better: WHO'S Gamora?"

  2. Plus she’s an amazing singer as seen in Scott Pilgrim

  3. I prefer the lead singer of metric for that song.

  4. Wasn’t his allegedly sending nudes to underage fans what ruined his career? Holy and his extra-marital affairs simply ruined any chance at repairing his own failing marriage.

  5. Apparently the underage fan thing was a lie, but he did send nudes to fans and post on private blogs. It came out the the alleged underaged fans were faking and have done this many times to others.

  6. Agents of Asgard coming soon. They deal with all things Asgardian. Stolen tech, old enemies seeking revenge, spells gone wrong, groups or individuals that seek to disrupt the peace and sovereignty of New Asgard. *Edit* It will be formed as a direct response to what happened with Gorr. The team's missions eventually lead to them traveling the world and investigating individuals suddenly gaining strength and abilities and speaking Asgardian and speaking of events they couldn't possibly know. This leads to the realization that warriors are reincarnating form Valhalla in preparation for an unknown threat to the realms.

  7. Similar to cap and black falcon in the ant man teaser for civil war

  8. You can oxidize copper purposely through chemical means it wouldn't take years. Depending on what is used.

  9. Yes I realized my error. "It's a damn shame Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name"

  10. The sentinels didn't care about that nuance. They were ready to kill spidey just because his DNA didn't say 100% human.

  11. That's cool. Do non-X-Men characters show up much in the Sentinel story? Which boook? (I don't know how many Sentinel arcs there have been, I kinda just figured there was the main one from back when)

  12. It's so weird. The memory is there in my mind, but I don't know where it came from. I think maybe the animated series? I really don't know how I know, but I remember Rogue (I think) was with Spider-Man and a sentinel was going to attack. He says "But, I'm not a mutant!" and she responds with something like "It don't matter to it." or "Try telling it that." or something like that.

  13. I'm glad to hear production is going. I'm excited for this title. It looks like she's wearing the black pants tank showing midriff combo from that one Invincible Iron Man comic cover minus the shirt being red. Possibly an homage despite the controversy around that cover.

  14. The controversy In question, being a Black girl as Iron Man 😭

  15. As others have pointed out the cover showed an overly sexualized version of a young underaged character. Often times women of color are depicted as developmentally older despite a young age and objectified. I'll just take this as you not knowing about the actual reason the cover was controversial.

  16. Always Be sCamming (honorable mention of a botched acronym by anthony)

  17. I glanced at this and thought it said Loki and Morbius.

  18. Exactly! One of the biggest challenges in writing, and which separates professionals from enthusiasts, is knowing when to “kill your darlings.”

  19. I'm a writer with a couple of books and other projects to my name and I've had to drop things I thought were good, but ultimately were detrimental to the over arching story. I agree with Taika. This also leaves the return of Grandmaster open to be explored in other projects.

  20. I was telling people that "Rainbow in the dark" was perfect for this movie.

  21. I sure they don't check here, but are aware that it exists. I believe someone in their circle conveys some of the criticisms to them in a toned down digestible form for their sensitive palates. I've noticed subtle changes or remarks made that seem like they are in response to this subreddit. Like how the last time on gamegrumps intro has changed. Arin pretty much turns to the camera "metaphorically" and addresses very specific things that have been on this sub. It's not like a general stroke of "You're bad at video games" it is pointed and precise to a specific topic or comment.

  22. Obi-Wan was unaware that Vader was still alive until Reva told him. That's all it was.

  23. It's not just reddit. Multiple news outlets are repeating the same story. It's annoying that so many see a story and copy it. It keeps spreading and no one is putting them in check on it.

  24. Ikr. I still see new articles talking about it and calling it a plot hole. If you read the full post I go into that.

  25. I feel this is a bait post. *Arin voice* "A masturbate post! Ooooh!" *Beat boxes*

  26. Kids: "You shrink.. and control ants? I guess that could be helpful.."

  27. Both were great. Watch the dream course first then the Grump course.

  28. So was, in my opinion, everyone and everything. Not just actors, but concepts for planets, plotpoints... Kylo, the Imperial Renmant and the Knoghts and Snoke could have been so cool had they been allowed to be more than just Nazis in Spaaaace 2.0 The same could be said about the New Republic and Luke's New Jedi Order.

  29. It needed the focus of a singular vision that was refined. Trying to copy the original trilogy by having different directors hurt the overarching story. It's good to have different voices in the room when writing, but you don't need 2 or 3 people all trying to tell a different story and erasing what came before it.

  30. Shed a tear for what could have been, but have new hope for the future.

  31. I think I blocked this from my mind. I didn't realize they already played it. I was looking through recent uploads thinking I missed something. Quick google search says it was back in 2020!

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