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  1. I don't understand why some people surrender exactly 2 seconds before the duel will be over anyway.

  2. I guess it's pride, no other reason, because like you said, invested approx. 25-30 minutes with nothing to show for it.

  3. I would like to see Jimmy start. He's a great player, better that McTominay for sure.

  4. I don’t understand why he didn’t attack sooner and summoned his first Eldlich in defense mode.

  5. He might have thought that I had a lightning storm and didn't want his backrow cleared.

  6. With all the negative press the bloody Glazers take, and with the "Anti Glazer" clauses inserted into Chelseas take over, one would assume they would want to avoid all that negative press. They are hated and the main reason why they don't fuck off is money. We are a glorified ATM to them.

  7. The way the duel started out, I thought this was sarcasm. Great win, OP! Would you mind sharing your deck list? This looks fun as hell to play

  8. https://www.masterduelmeta.com/top-decks/diamond-i/may-2022/gren-maju/metajp/47EVl

  9. Love to see that the fans voice has actually meant something

  10. Erik ten Hag, also involved in the direct discussions with the French player.

  11. Our game against City in the Etihad (when we won 1-2) is one of the best performances I've seen in recent times, we totally battered city and if not for Rashford's finishing, we could've gone into halftime with a 4 or 5 goal lead. Pep was fuming and I was elated. I downloaded the game and when I'm sad or when I need to remind myself why I love this team I watch that game. It was bloody brilliant.

  12. Rashford was the best player that game after martial. no striker ever scores with shot they take, you saying. coming to that conclusion after watching the game multiple times is a bit astonishing.

  13. Didn't mean it to sound like I was criticizing Rashy, he was brilliant. Hit the post, and had several nice attempts on goal. I meant that if he had a slight better aim, we would've had a better score going into half time. English is not my native language, so I don't know if that's how it came across. Always loved Rashford, even now when he's not performing. He's an academy lad, I've always loved and supported the academy lads.

  14. It might not have been the most optimal board they could have made, but this is far from the worst Swordsoul duelist I've seen.

  15. In my case, because I learned the hard way, if you are wiping the board with Nibiru and are generating a massive token, have something on hand to pop it. I lost twice that way and learned my lesson.

  16. I can only do the basic Swordsoul combo consistently, not even including the Tenyi. Whenever I try to do combos with Tenyi I mess up somewhere half the time. For example, he was able to get out Barron, I would’ve locked myself out of Barron 😆 What he did was pretty advanced Swordsoul Tenyi combo. It looks pretty flawless to me, but then again, I’m not that good with the deck so what do I know 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. I always lock myself out of the Cryston, always mess up the tenyi. It's just a matter of a bit of practice. We'll get there eventually.

  18. RR also got taken in. He clearly mistakenly assumed that United had the same ambition and will power that even smaller clubs like Chelsea and Inter have displayed while overhauling and revolutionizing squads in a single window.

  19. He wanted forwards, he wanted to leave a better squad for Eric, the response? "We don't want to buy players the next manager might not want" Translation: "Nah mate, we need to pay ourselves dividends, and we can't do that if we keep spending money on players". The Glazers are a blight on this club, have always said it, will keep on saying it. Ralph opened a window for us to see just how mediocre our owners are and how badly the club is run, and the thanks he got, he got ousted like a disease. I for one appreciate his candor and analysis. With the Glazers in charge, it'll be nothing short of a bloody miracle if Ten Hag is successful.

  20. Not more than Joel Glazer and his family. I still can't believe Avram had the nerve to show his ugly mug yesterday. Bastard.

  21. More Glazers than anything, remember (as many forget) that everything has to be checked with the ownership, they green light everything funds wise. So, if we don't buy X, Y or Z it is because Mr Joel Glazer does not approve it, or by the time we reach him it's already too late (or they use their famous line "we don't want to overpay") we've had 5 managers since Sir Alex left and the common denominator behind every failed tenure is simple: the bloody Glazers. They may spend big every now and again to keep protests mild, but someday we will understand, no matter who comes, if they are here, we are doomed to fail.

  22. Jump up the slope, I have the high-ground bear! checkmate

  23. You'll be fine, the bear doesn't realize that his power has actually been properly estimated and that he will most likely be losing 3 limbs

  24. This is a fucking brutal article. Many truths

  25. Nothing but the truth. They are the architects of our failure, neglected every aspect of the club. If not for fan outrage things would be way worse.

  26. Neves, Tielemans, Nunes, Ruiz, Paredes, Grillitsch, Laimer... surely we can sign 2 good midfielders?!

  27. Commercial FC. With owners engaged only when it comes to collect dividends, with little to no regard for their "customers". We are done as a big club. If we manage to win something, anything; it will be a fluke more than careful planning.

  28. Would be a massive fluke that would also prove to be dangerous. I'm conflicted in that I want us to do well so badly, but at the same time us doing well will just paper over the cracks, allowing the Glazers to hide behind the success.

  29. I mean, you can't be surprised. We're like the Picasso of conceding goals

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