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  1. Her parents failed her more than anyone else. Their reaction to finding out about the relationship was to blame Aria (Byron particularly slut shames her and starts policing her outfits as if it’s somehow her fault Ezra was attracted to her). If they were truly worried about Aria you would think they would’ve reported Ezra to the police, but instead they try to send Aria to boarding school.

  2. they didn’t call the police or the school to “protect aria”, but my thought was why not put her in therapy to help her understand the situation and move on?

  3. Ezra gets the honourable mention just for the scene where Aria confronts him about Maggie, saying that he could’ve mentioned Maggie when the whole nastiness with Jackie was brought up, he says something along the lines of “Oh but you took your sweet time telling me about A” — and Aria actually conceded

  4. that scene was so infuriating! the way she apologized to him … he was 100% in the wrong

  5. RIGHT!!!!? ugh, so sloppy. Maybe if they kept the plot points they had established then it would have made some sense: Like, Cece visiting Mona in Radley on a visitors pass... which could have worked with the Charles fake suicide at 16 (Jessica Taking Cece out of there and then Cece transitioning and going to Rosewood high, being prom queen, going to UPen, knowing Eric Khan and others). But then they had to go and forget/ignore it all and have Cece be in Radley throughout all of this on some weird day passes out? weird.

  6. that’s what i was hoping they would do as soon as cece was revealed, i loved the idea of her being in high school and winning prom queen and having to hide her true parentage. it makes her backstory more complex, fits the timeline, and this IS show is based on high school drama lol.

  7. The bones the girls were receiving wasn’t actually the body believed to be Alison. Marlene King said Charlotte has access to a medical school where she could get bones. That’s where she also got the cadaver that was in the drum believed to be Mona. To Charlotte it was a sick twisted game, if the girls cared enough they would listen to A so they would eventually get ‘Alison’ back even it was in pieces

  8. ahhhh the cadaver detail makes so much more sense, i wish they had explained that in the show!

  9. I really wish maya had had a better storyline!! I saw someone on here once saying they wish maya had been the girl they found in the dollhouse instead of Sarah Harvey, that would have been amazing!!! (Obviously with the stalker storyline removed)

  10. maya in the dollhouse would’ve been the craziest twist of the whole show, i love that theory ! i think maya being involved in the A storyline would be awesome, bc the other 3 liars all had SOs who interacted w A at some point, and the fact that emily didn’t is one of many reasons why she felt out of place to me. Emily deserves better storylines are better relationships🙏

  11. i love alison’s flashbacks with her mom. their relationship was so off and it showed a little bit of why alison acts this way.

  12. aria and mike, they remind me of me and my brother. they feel like a genuine sibling relationship and i love their scenes together! also mike punching ezra was iconic and well deserved.

  13. Omg i have never even seen a second of any of the shows but you are making me think of when pretty little liars scene is trying to be serious but its so clunky awkward and funny :P eg durag toby scene :P :P :P

  14. it’s exactly like that, it’s their attempt at supernatural horror lol and the acting, special effects and plot (more like lack of a plot) is cheesy asf.. also overedited to the point where it’s so over the top and distracting

  15. maya is the only girl i thought emily had good chemistry with (samara coming in 2nd place). this pairing will always be my favorite bc they were the first lesbian couple i’d ever seen on a teen tv show and it changed me lol. maya is iconic even if she has major flaws

  16. It sucks that Vladimir and Stefan weren't a canon couple. Like, two dudes live together for centuries and finish each others sentences and look at each other like that but yeah, they're just friends. Ok SM whatever.

  17. they’re 10000% lovers idc what Smeyers says she’s simply wrong. i think of them as canon but that bella just never thought to mention it in her narration

  18. this part is so creepy! treating spencer like her age, yet pretending aria is magically so much more mature so it’s ok for her to say “ezra”. like dude. spencer’s the same age as ur gf, do u not have an “oh shit” moment there… groomer 😭

  19. one thing that sticks out is how good the pilot/first few episodes were. it laid the groundwork for so many mysteries and plot lines and was just really fun to watch. i was totally hooked!

  20. because he basically cheated by kissing her on national tv while he was engaged to aria ?

  21. no i get being mad about that, i mean being mad that he’s helping her after she returned. that’s a lot of baggage him and nicole need to work through and it’s immature to expect him to just cut contact instantly. especially since nicole used their relationship to stay strong/survive for yearsss

  22. 1.”UnmAsked” (2x25) 2.”Game over , charles” (6x10) 3. “Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares” (2x14)

  23. That’s always so funny to me because surely they weren’t expecting a good reaction

  24. lol exactly!! i would’ve taken that to the grave if i were ezra what were they thinking 😭

  25. Spencer’s breakdown and A team arc(not including the spoby lana del ray scene), Ezra is suspected to be A (incredibly wasted potential), and Mona’s “death”/“Ali is A” storyline, and the search for Ali in season four

  26. A little detail of Ashley getting over Tom could be that he leaves her with his dog that she absolutely does not want, and eventually she learns to like the dog and want it around.

  27. Never read the books but based on the show it doesn’t seem like they had time to handle a pet. A had them running around everywhere lol

  28. true, most of the animals would have to be like family pets. i just imagine like, spencer taking her dog for protection to check out clues in secluded places. or them all discussing a crazy A moment together and petting Hannas cat to calm down (these girls need ESAs lol)

  29. When I first read the books I was disappointed how different the show was but then I really got into the book plot and I can't decide which I like better now.

  30. i personally prefer the book plots, the mona reveal was done much better imo and i loved how much darker it was. i like the liars friendships more on the show though.

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