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  1. I had a whole box of Cinderella pyrex gooseberry bowls sent to me in a shoe box. Absolutely zero packaging material what so ever.

  2. If it's an item that has a lot of competition. It definitely pays to promote it. I sell lots of sweaters. If I don't promote it, my sweaters don't get any views, even with a low price. If I promote them, I usually sell within a week at a much higher price. If its more rare, with little to no competition, I definitely don't promote it.

  3. I stopped accepting offers because I got so many weird messages rationalizing low ball offers. They make up stories because some buyers fall for it and it works. I don't think they are a scammer but I think they are cheap and think a sob story will get them cheaper good. Almost every offer I got is from someone whose daughter has cancer or single moms who can't afford to feed their kids (but this totally unnecessary vintage trinket would make their day if I give it to them.).

  4. Op, I tend to be too lenient with my own policy but I don't think there is any world where this buyer is owed a refund. If it's been two months, that's plenty of time for them to have had messaged you if it had arrived damaged. I would reply normally I am open to returns but due to the time that has passed, I can not accept this return.

  5. Plus the "not like she needs my help for dinner"and "they're not waiting for me"

  6. Yeah it's definitely not the shower that makes him ta... It's all the other things he doesn't do. He thinks it's just about the shower, but it's actually about how he consistently fails to pull his weight.

  7. I just want to say I'm truly sorry they treated you that way. Your voice is valid. I hope this doesn't get me banned from this group but I'm a homeschool parent and I actually lurk in this group as a way to hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls other have experienced and to learn how to be a better parent and teacher. All of your experiences and opinions are hella valid and actually super important to those currently on their homeschool journeys and they did their children a great disservice from not listening to you.

  8. Ask for photos before jumping to any conclusions. I actually had a package received once where multiple boxes must have gotten torn up or something and there was extra stuff in my box that they must have just shoved in and taped back up, assuming it was from my box. There was a stamp on it though saying damaged and the box showed evidence of being damaged. If that's the case for your buyer, you should get insurance to cover it. But definitely mention that you'll be doing a claim for theft because that does deter a lot of scammers.

  9. I had a nonpayer last week who messaged me as soon as I canceled and relisted (I blocked them so they couldn't bid again). She messaged me saying money was tight and she didn't get paid in time. I actually wish she would have messaged me before I canceled because I absolutely would have waited a few days vs restarting the auction (they didn't allow me to offer it to the second highest bidder). At least your person communicated right away 😅

  10. Block. They can pickup a vacuum at a thrift shop or from help pages if they need one so bad. People who genuinely need help dont usually reach out to random ebayers begging for vacuums, it's most likely a scam.

  11. Just a thought from a Mom but when I started ebay, I also started an account for my son who was 12 at the time and he now has turned it into a very successful business where he sells not only on ebay but many other places. Like full time pay for his own college and looking for a house at 23 successful. Go talk to your parents about helping you with the ebay acct, bank acct and paypal acct as all will be hard without them. The paypal will run an ID check which most people under 18 can't pass (they didn't used to do that but they do now in the US, not sure about UK) And ebay will require you to be 18. And there are tax implications for them since you are their child.

  12. I just want to say, good advice and way to go mom!!! My parents taught me nothing about running my own business, or even just general tax info 😅. I homeschool my kiddos and actually use my eBay business as a learning tool for all of us. I think it's awesome that you helped set your kiddo up for success!

  13. I do know some local shops near me have weird rules about photography, mainly little boutiques, because they don't want people selling the same things as them. But that most certainly doesn't apply to thrift shops 😅 I always say I'm sending pictures to my husband because I want to know if he likes the item or not as well.

  14. My kids are always drawing attention to my picture taking by loudly asking, "What are you dooooing?" and I always respond just as loudly, "Seeing if daddy like this." At least I've gotten them to stop shouting, "Are you going to sell that on eBay?!" every time we're at the thrift.

  15. Absolutely relatable! I have two kids who go thrifting with me and it can be interesting 😂 My oldest usually knows better but he point blank told the clerk last night 'Im not going to sell that on eBay I promise'. It was an item for him so he wasn't lying but I was like... Dude totally unnecessary. I mean I'm a regular and I'm pretty sure they know and don't care, but still.

  16. I have rules that I can't buy things if I already have a certain amount of items unlisted. Like if I have bought four vintage leather jackets, but have only listed one... I don't allow myself to buy anymore leather jackets until the rest are listed. I also have a friend who likes buying more than selling, he has realized he does much better selling bulk to resellers at a profit than actually listing individually. You have to either get in the habit of balancing out your selling/listing or figure out a different way to make money from your collecting. But you gotta stop buying while you figure out what to do with your death pile or else it will get even more overwhelming thinking about listing it all.

  17. Just sounds like an excuse to keep people she doesn’t want in her home out tbh. No one’s asking MIL to move in here, but a week doesn’t seem like a huge ask.

  18. I mean, you couldn't pay me to let my mother in law stay in my house overnight ... Luckily my husband is on the same page.

  19. I usually do a small safety pin through the neck tag or on the inside hem of an arm hole

  20. Some vehicles trigger people's nostalgia hard and they want to tell their story. And I have to say, his story was pretty glorious! I'd politely thank him for the chuckle.

  21. I have been ruined by annoying buyers who take haggling too far, so I personally avoid it. If I want an item and the price is right, I buy it. The more someone wastes my time trying to convince me I should sell them things cheaper, the more I want to charge them.

  22. A local once gave me a box of his leftovers for free and I found a badlands in it! Then I stupidly bought a couple other boxes from other people hoping for another score... Nope most people know.

  23. I don't drink but I will keep bottles of old bourbons and whiskey. The ones I've kept have appreciated fast and I'm glad I didn't sell.

  24. If you haven't, go into your settings and block nonpayers and you can also change it so you do not accept bids from people with zero feedback. I'm relatively new as well and being able to block nonpayers helped! I currently only ship in the u.s. and I also don't allow offers.

  25. That is really weird. Half the time I change the carrier and have never had an issue. Just yesterday I had two it eBay international and instead I used Canada Post on one and puraltor on another. I also had several USPS parcel selects that I sent FedEx and UPS. However, I am using calculated not flat rate

  26. It is weird. Just yesterday I had a package that was half the price to ship with UPS than it was USPS and was able to make the switch seamlessly. eBay always gives me all the possible options to switch after a purchase regardless of what I originally selected. I use flat not calculated.

  27. ok just a weird coincidence i guess...its jsut strange also because no one bids until the last minute (or hours) and this has ten days left although the bidder appears to be a newbie with only 15 buyer feedback ratings

  28. It's not weird, especially if they were already following the item. EBay sends messages to watchers to let them know the item relisted. They may not have wanted to forget to bid on the item this time around and just put a bid in early. And I personally find newbie bidders are more likely to put a bid in vs waiting to snipe at the end.

  29. If you don't mind getting 99 cents for an item and having it take a week, auction.

  30. You can change the starting bid price to what ever the lowest is you're willing to take.

  31. Personally, I prefer listing in auction format. I don't like sitting on items for very long and it helps me turn a profit faster than bin. I've only had one auction end and relist and it immediately got a bid on the second round. All of my auctions have ended with a number I'm definitely satisfied for with the cost I have paid. However I have things competitively priced in bins that sit and sit and sit. I feel like if you are having auctions that aren't selling at their opening bids, you may not have any better luck with bin for a higher price. Is there a lot of competition for what you sell and if so how many have recently sold. Sell through rate is something I always consider unless it's something rare.

  32. I'm relatively new and my niche items are seen almost immediately. (The only one of those specific items on eBay). But I have a pair of shoes that I posted that I promoted out of curiosity and there are zero views and I can't find them if I search. So I think it depends on items and maybe competition.

  33. Originally was going to go with N A H until I read that your daughter doesn’t even know she’s adopted.

  34. Yup. My husband was donor conceived and found out as an adult and that rocked him... And there was none of this your brother is actually your dad and we kept you deliberately from your birthmom and sibling b.s. Poor girl is going to have her absolute heart rocked when she finds out she's been lied to for so long.

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