1. Overall I think it looks pretty good. You make depth, but youre just smidge high on a few reps. Also, don't be afraid to lock out at the top.

  2. You look like you're almost guillotine pressing. Try to tuck your elbows in a little bit to where they are at a 45 degree angle.

  3. For your shoulders, you should be able to lift your head up while you have the bar in your hands. That will let you know none of the weight is on your neck.

  4. Thanks again. I'll see if I can test whether the weight's on my neck or not. I've actually watched that Jeff Nippard video (and the other bench press one) before and tried to implement the technique, but maybe I haven't quite internalized it yet. I'll rewatch it and pay more attention.

  5. Would Blundstones Dress Boots (formerly known as Chisel Toe) be a good boot for Winters in places like New York?

  6. I've had dress blundstones for two winters in Eastern Canada and they've been surprisingly functional. Obviously traction when its super icy isn't the best, but Metcarfre already mentioned the winter blundstones.

  7. Yes ,, I have 3 pairs. One I save for special occasions. One pair I wear to work everyday , all kinds of terrain as I am a heavy equipment sales guy so I’m in rough conditions. I’ve worn them daily for the last 2 years . 3 rd pair I use and my garden shoes 6 yrs old

  8. Hi can you comment on the fit of those boots? I'm thinking of buying a pair of these

  9. Not sure what your budget is but something like this might be a good option:

  10. Thanks for the suggestion. They look great, but are a tad over budget. I'm trying to stay under $250

  11. https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/grenson-fred-leather-ankle-boots-item-17218721.aspx?fsb=1&size=32&storeid=13537&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_keywordid=119357863&utm_shoppingproductid=17218721-574653&pid=google_search&af_channel=Search&c=2069780352&af_c_id=2069780352&af_siteid=&af_keywords=pla-297186055669&af_adset_id=79320073594&af_ad_id=204345266869&af_sub1=119357863&af_sub5=17218721-574653&is_retargeting=true&shopping=yes&gclid=CjwKCAiAv_KMBhAzEiwAs-rX1IZqeJfUBSE0pZWfXFJlmLo8BBYzCYhIFVHRFgBTsdPWJXgoUO_q-BoCxDkQAvD_BwE

  12. Thanks, those look great. Any idea if they're ideal for snow though? (In terms of traction, water-resistance, insulation)

  13. Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on Winter boots that still look good. I live in New York so we do get quite a bit of snow every winter. This Winter I'm also going on a trip to Banff, Alberta that also involves walking around a lot of snow

  14. Instead of a Roth conversion ladder, why not just convert the 401k/IRA to an RRSP and withdraw money from there as needed? If you are planning on living off the money, you would only need to withdraw enough for your expenses, so conversion to Roth seems kind of pointless in that case anyway. I am not Canadian, so am I missing something?

  15. I believe if I convert the 401k/IRA to an RRSP before 59.5, that would count as an "early withdrawal" on the entire lump sum of the 401/IRA and I would be subject to the 10% penalty according to this

  16. Thanks for your well-thought out response. When you say I might be unable to get back to Canada, wouldn't that only happen if the country I'm in cancels all its flights to Canada? As a citizen, Canada would allow me back into its borders regardless of which country I'm coming from, so long as I quarantine for 14 days when I get home.

  17. Thanks, sounds like a plan. Although... I'm now flip-flopping back to wanting to eliminate Berlin for this trip due to not being able to experience the nightlife which its renowned for.

  18. Yup that's the case. In Canada it's hard to retire tax-free since capital gains are taxed. Note that you could just withdraw directly from the IRA. You'll pay income tax (10% at lowest bracket) plus 10% penalty. You get a foreign tax credit in Canada for both. So if your Canadian tax is higher than 20% you get back everything you pay to the IRS including the penalty.

  19. That's an interesting point about withdrawing from the IRA directly. I think you'd need to be withdrawing quite a bit to get a 20% tax rate in canada though, assuming you've retired and have no salary.

  20. the most sickening thing for me personally with this whole shit show is that everyone takes point from Bitcoin

  21. The thing is though, Eth, Neo, LTC, and Ripple all have fiat pairs on some exchanges and they still get dumped when Bitcoin dumps so I'm not sure if the problem will be solved once there's more fiat pairs.

  22. People also FOMO buy in and post rocket memes about BTC going to 50k at the first green dildo they see after 2.5 months of red.

  23. Well guys, I was busy with job application/interviews last week and thought to myself, hey I'll deal with my final buys on Sunday after Saturday's interviews........

  24. Joke's on you for trying to make a living by working. Should've invested a few thousands into the latest shill coins to become a millionaire overnight like all the lambo boys.

  25. who is "they"? jews? putin? reptilians? aliens? soros? the clintons?

  26. So yesterday it's "I can't even tether up cuz there's no wifi in the homeless shelter" and today it's "BUCKLE UP BOYS 35K HERE WE COME". No wonder it's so easy for the whales to take everyone's money.

  27. How do you feel about your system being seen as something that needs to be 'grinded' in order to succeed? I mean, this sub is filled with advice (often given by students) to grind at hackerrank/leet code for a couple hours a day. Do you feel like that's a good use of a significant amount of a student's time?

  28. Honestly this is the most accurate post in here about the Canadian tech market, but it's getting down-voted to shit because of no sugar-coating.

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