1. Even if that’s true, who cares? I don’t see why it would make you think less of him…

  2. This is a post about who’s aging the best? I’m not even agreeing with the guy. But it is a pretty relevant comment to OP’s post.

  3. Considering making the drive to Jones Beach. How bad is traffic getting into and leaving the venue?

  4. I generally do one show a Summer, just because life gets really busy for me, especially with work and such. So it'll be Mansfield for me, as per usual. If it were two Mansfield shows, I'd probably hit them both.

  5. Might as well do Hartford too. Not much of a drive and the shows are just a week apart from each other.

  6. Tapeworm. Comes from fleas. So you need a dewormer and flea control.

  7. Yeah just had a vet visit today. Getting taken care of

  8. Ended up not eating my girlfriend, decided to go to Mr Dooley’s instead

  9. OP, I beg you, don't eat your girlfriend. She has so much to live for.

  10. I’m surprised I haven’t seen Too Much in the comments

  11. Perhaps I did. Not entirely sure, didn’t seem like it.

  12. Kinda scared about how short the songs are.

  13. I suspect it’s because they recorded it one instrument at a time, covid style.

  14. Why is that a correlation for you? Just curious

  15. Anyone in the US have access to the single? I can’t find it…

  16. Hopefully in the next couple hours 🙏

  17. 27 and I’ve probably been listening since I was born. My dad is a huge fan and I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Most recently saw them at msg in New York. Hoping to add 3 or 4 more shows this summer! Currently at work listening to warehouse live at the Central Park show haha.

  18. Ha! How many shows do you have? I don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about.

  19. Satellite. This is not even a question, really.

  20. The link provided brings me to a channel with no uploaded videos

  21. He shoulda pulled out the gun

  22. wow they butchered that. I loved listening to it though 😂

  23. Also it is NOTHING like the GTA games. This is coming from a mom whose played both games.

  24. What about when the rape happens

  25. Yeah, that’s a no from me dawg.

  26. Looks like you already ate half of it haha. You’re fine

  27. That's 8 years before rdr1 🤦🏻‍♂️ he was in his 20s

  28. Right. Doesn’t this game kinda show the evolution of John, learning how to be a good father & family man.

  29. It's really not surprising. There's tons of games that I've started but havnt finished because o lost interest, rdr 2 is one that I've beaten. But 80% of my video game library is games I've started but havnt beaten

  30. Yeah, me too. Idk, with a game as well liked as this I’m just surprised by the 30%.

  31. This sub kinda makes me dislike the police, criminals, citizens and just humans in general

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