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  1. I think that you are doing it right! Just make sure that you show her and do things that she doesn’t expect. My man does things that I don’t expect him to. He’s my love and my life.

  2. The only reason my husband and I have a dead bedroom is because my hormones are gone due to menopause. I do have stuff to help but it just lube. That’s all. I need other things. In fact I always tease him about lookin at other ladies. I don’t care it’s what gets him off. Yes I’m aware that I need to step up. But it’s hard. We connect on the emotional level and love each other. It’s just hard.

  3. Oh it’s a waste of time and not only that it will give her glee. I always say don’t trust them ever. They never change ever.

  4. I did know at one time in Napa at Genoas delicatessen they had a wine bar. It on Trancas. In Napa.

  5. Honey you did well. I think it’s time for security cameras and a ring doorbell. Also if she comes again call the cops for trespassing.

  6. You have three choices, figure out how to not care, talk to him or a lawyer.

  7. May just be a kind gesture, speculating past that seems unfounded although it is easy to do. Almost anyone's personal address and phone number can be found by searching up a person's full name, which was on the card. But honestly if you're worried about the having your ccv number or whatever on the back, just call your bank and ask to be issued a new card.

  8. Yes get a new card issued whoever found it may have copied the stuff down and was expecting a reward and and may have kept it as a revenge for it getting one. Not say they did but anything is possible.

  9. Maybe Im overly cautious but I dont think its really safe either? Its gone down but Covids still around and concerts can be a hot spot for it

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. You will wonderful memories of time spent together. Do something in his memory to honor him as im sure he would have loved it. Fuck Cancer.

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