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  1. I live in the country and guess what, you still hear people and there fireworks. Some people move to the country thinking it will be quite, while others assume they can be as loud as they want. I actually hear more gun shots and fireworks now than when I lived in the suburbs. Still sucks, wasn't always like this either. It was better when people had to go out of state to buy the real loud stuff, made it more expensive and less an every weekend thing.

  2. So accept that life comes with others living theirs in shared spaces and move on.

  3. I guess id rather bitch about it. Society leaves no realizable route to avoid the near constant annoyance of people around you, so why not vent a bit when it becomes particularly bad. It's healthy.

  4. What is the posted speed limit on a drag strip? This guy died entertaining people to make a living and provide for his family. Don't be a dick.

  5. Are you a lost troll? This subreddit is not for Holland the country.

  6. I dunno man, they get into goofy names as much as anyone, "WAYNE GRODZISKIE" and 'THE DUKE SAYS NEIN" are both on there tap list right now and seem to fit that not so clever naming convention you were just complaining about.

  7. Food was really good there too. Highly recommended.

  8. Food was good, but for the price, it stinks still coming away hungry. Noticing this at a lot of places though so not unique to them.

  9. Sesh for a cause, also follow native made on IG I’m Itsy’s that vends both and they’re both donating heavy towards charity 🙏💯

  10. Any non-Insta social media presence on Sesh for a Cause? Not going to create a IG account just for that.

  11. I don't know why they think they can sell legally outside their 5 patients,delusional.

  12. Because dumb laws are meant to be broken? Did you wait until it was legal to have your first J, because otherwise you're an unpleasant hypocrite.

  13. Search Ebay for European sunscreens. There are also package forwarding services which should work.

  14. Sounds like a sure fire way to get a knock off full of cheap lotion with no protection.

  15. The band from Chucky cheese had to go back to retail after COVID killed their one longstanding gig, and of course Chuck. :(

  16. So I am assuming I can smoke weed in that section regardless of local law?

  17. We have a sticker with a pizza box with a bar through it on the bin itself.

  18. You can still compost it as long as the pizza place didn't put any plastic stickers on the box. or if you garden, I lay mine down over compost but under strae to suppress weed in the garden.

  19. Rumor has it, there was a conglomerate of crazed clowns... Some called them a posse, some said they were insane. Everyone agreed they had no clue how magnets worked.

  20. Actually, that is how the southwest side of Detroit became a ghost town, easy to confuse the two. I do it all the time.

  21. To be fair Disney cruises are actually the best. But a $5000 drink without saying the ingredients sounds like they are just trying to make a status symbol.

  22. It's probably just some cheap white wine with an extremely over-appraised diamond tossed in.

  23. Honestly I am AFRAID that everybody who's "cousin is a nurse" will be going to them, sneaking into offices and clinics after hours, and taking risks.

  24. Technically being pregnant at all is a risk to your live beyond the baseline. So then the definition of what constitutes a threat to the mothers life is open to interpretation and is a matter of degrees. Do you want to be the doctor facing the south texan judge who gets to second guess you on how much danger the mother was in? With your freedom or even life on the line? It's crazy a judge with zero medical background is allowed to make that call at all.

  25. most rich people are NOT born rich. there is a lot of data out there for it... if only there was a way to look it up

  26. Those stats would include lots of people who were born into what most people would call 'rich' families, but not the ultra wealthy. Gates, Zuckerburg, and Musk were all born into families with the means to provide access to the best schools and education in the world, along with all the connections that brings. Sure they hit a home run, but due to there families ability to support them, they were playing t-ball. Meanwhile the kid with parents with little to no resources, ability, or desire to help them along, are facing down late '90 Randy Johnson on the mound.

  27. A Feudal king trucker? Do you really think being able to own your home and bit of land, and enough resource to take care of your family in relative comfort makes you a kind of feudal king? Sounds more like a feudal peasant with a few extra rights.

  28. It usually takes a very long time for a case to get to the Supreme Court. First, there is the normal trial. A judge or jury will make their decision, they explain the decision in an opinion, and the first trial ends. You ask the babysitter if you can have the last cookie. They listens to all the reasons why you should get a cookie. They then listen to your brother who argues why he should get the cookie instead. The babysitter then makes their choice and decides who should get the cookie. They then explain why they made the choice they did (your brother said please so he gets the cookie).

  29. So basically mom is developing dementia and it's time to stick her in the old folks home?

  30. I hate no one. We are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are to lead people to the Lord. And if someone turns their life over to Him, then they need to be taught the doctrine He has laid out for us. Where in the bible does it say the things you claim?

  31. Besides hate and fear what possible motivation could you have even holding an opinion on what consenting adults do with each other behind closed doors?

  32. As someone else said definitely depends on the strain. I found that if it’s a more body high (I think that’s usually indica?) I’ll definitely be feeling horny. However, if I’m TOO high, I am usually not gonna be in the mood

  33. I know the indica/sativa paradigm is pretty ingrained in a lot of us stoners minds, but the reality is that any weed you are likely to find without climbing a mountain in some rural region of the world, is going to be a hybrid.

  34. Since the beginning of the year 2022, finally, only the ruble has been doing better than the US dollar. However, as far as the ruble is concerned, everyone knows that it is only an illusion due to the manipulation of the Russian central bank. The US dollar is back in the limelight.

  35. Great news for multinationals I guess. But for the average Joe, so what? Nearly everything is far more expensive, if you can get it, and wages are nowhere near keeping up. Super that I can get more Yen for my dollar, but unless I'm a wealthy world traveler, I'm still buying all my shit in dollars, they just aren't going anywhere near as far. Any cost saving on imports caused by this shift will just get siphond off by the corporation and used to make the already ultra wealthy a bit richer.

  36. I am not good at understanding legal mumbo jumbo, would this allow abortion after fetal viability?

  37. Regardless of the law very very few doctors or clinics would perform an abortion on a viable fetus. It's far less complicated and actually less risky to perform a c section at that point.

  38. No, that's not how that works at all. State laws that directly conflict with federal laws are almost always deemed invalid. Read up on the supremacy clause of the constitution.

  39. Rez is sovereign territory effectively, so they have their own laws.

  40. Let's hope that's still clear after today SC ruling. Sovernty does not seem to mean as much as it did yesterday.

  41. They definitely don't receive training in communication, and often don't in critical thinking outside of a very narrow field.

  42. Every CS or similar major includes at least one ethics class. I had two for my BS in CIS. I'm sure there are some that don't, but those are the outlier's. Same with communications. Most STEM degrees absolutely include business as well as technical communications classes.

  43. Have you been inside literally any gas station or convenience store in the area in the last 10 years? It's weird, but it's not uncommon.

  44. it kinda is, but only in poor areas. Seems to go hand in hand with bullet proof dividers between you and the clerk.

  45. I think you meant segue way? And that pertains to your point about ‘j post’. It means I’m requesting a rebuttal for your hypocrisy.

  46. What hypocrisy are you referring too? I never said a thing about any news outlet but jpost. And no,

  47. It seems to me that your intention is to confuse people, not to engage in healthy discourse.

  48. Healthy discourse? Like deflecting criticism off onto a completely unrelated news outlet?

  49. But why is the San Joaquin valley so evenly flat. Subsidence is usually uneven not like that.

  50. Just depends on how far you zoom out. It is a large subsidence zone to be sure.

  51. Pretty sure they just hung the signs up at the proper height to indicate previous levels, they didn't leave the same pole for over 50 years.

  52. The pole would subside along with the ground so there would not be any relative visible change, it's just the relative elevation from sea level changing.

  53. The hackberry tree is also part of that family.

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