1. She's wrestling with WWE NXT now, and in a top storyline, it's Gigi Dolin, formally of Toxic Attraction.

  2. THAT'S GIGI DOLIN!!!?? WHAT THE FUCKKKK!!?? She looks so different!!!

  3. Barn Owls are cute. Shame that some ppl viewed them as bad omen.

  4. Being sane is fucking woke, I guess. What a weirdo.

  5. Prolly rubber bullet. Aint meant to be lethal but still hurt af if shot directly like that.

  6. Retract into his hole like a coward piece of shit he is.

  7. I never noticed how cute she is. She kinda remind me of Kang Jiyoung from KARA and the lated Sulli a bit.

  8. To be fair, he used Future Mode on ultimate extreme level bosses. Doesnt matter how strong he become, its gonna be hard fight anyway. He is strong but kaijus he fought were stronger. Same case as Saga. Dude was OP af but Hyper Zetton was as strong as him.

  9. But it seems like his fighting style got downgrade compared in his first movie. He doesn't use his speed much, doesn't have much abilities either.

  10. He's quite pro during both appearances tho. Like, he handled normal kaijus really well. In Origin Saga he even used telekinesis to transport two Chojus away. Really impressive.

  11. Type B is my fav mask. Its so underrated. I hope we got figuarts of it one day. Something really charming about it. Its looks very calm and stoic. Its makes him looks young too. Glad that they brought it back for once in Mega Monster Battle the movie.

  12. I thought cock vore is someone swallow a whole chicken alive, which is extremely bad. But this is 1000 times way worse than I expected. Holy hell whats wrong with these ppl?

  13. Cuz they just protest for their rights and aint tryna overthrow government, commit a coup d'etat, commit act of terrorism like those MAGA fucks you weak dick.

  14. Kinda remind me of one video of hornless deer/goat thing. That one was real animal tho. Just dunno what it is. Kinda creepy.

  15. If right-wingers believe in mental health problem at all.

  16. Heard about a guy who got his neck chewed of by his camel cuz he left it dehydrated for too long. So, yeah. Not an animal you wanna screw around with. Especially like this.

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