1. The problem with being good at GIS in geology is everyone asks for your help and then you’re stuck doing GIS instead of geology.

  2. This is the answer. Focus on improving your writing abilities, and you'll learn everything else on the job.

  3. I can't believe the fashion bros haven't asked where to purchase Tim's tanktops yet

  4. I feel like they got em before the post was finished. Truly a travesty, taken from us too soon

  5. DO NOT let your dog run while still attached to a leash! It can catch on something and lead to very bad things.

  6. how do you do those fast string crossings without getting your pick stuck on the previous strings? do you recommend any exercises?

  7. You're one of the few people online that can handle a differing opinion.

  8. No I understand your point, psychic does have a ton of moves, but this list wasn't made with that in mind. Looking at the learnsets of mons, the offensive and defensive nature of each type, and the moves available is what I used to come to my conclusion.

  9. Sorry, but your missing the point... many pokemon use non damaging psychic type moves (like lightscreen) against poison type moves because AI assumes they will be super effective.

  10. Even slower to perfect the form my dude. Start at 60 bpmish to isolate each difficult section (literally all of it) and perfect each transition to each note. Practice slowly bringing up the tempo once you can't get it wrong at the previous metronome tempo.

  11. Mine does this 80 percent of the time. First attempt purchasing a phone over 200 dollars in 8 years lol. Never again lmao

  12. Don't be discouraged...it's just this model on Fi....still trying to find a fix

  13. Hard not to be with a 900 dollar phone that can't make calls. Thanks for making the thread!

  14. Really gave it your full effort in the presentation aspect here

  15. Lmao you've encountered the time and money issue all adults have

  16. Because it's not a celebrity cast. See how I listed the famous actors names? It's called context clues

  17. They're great. Leaves no question that it's a piece of gambling software and not a video game.

  18. He's one of those guys who pushes the format boundaries. He doesn't always hit a setup-punchline, he sometimes just lets a paradoxical thought float out there, sometimes he even borders into faux-prop territory. He's going to influence generations of comics IMO. You'll like him a lot.

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