1. Wasn't this the first time Deep Breath was used in the show?

  2. Nope Deep Breath first played during Agito Trinity two parter.

  3. Well the thing about mecha g is he was powered by the same resource as godzilla. So I dont think a direct hit to the body would have done much, but when mecha g was holding Godzilla's mouth open if he would have shot that blast like that I can guarantee it would have been fatal. Well, that is assuming godzilla doesnt have a second brain and heart with insane regeneration which could basically bring him back to life after a while.

  4. Those nukes were like grande redbulls with 12 shots of espresso for our boy

  5. Now I want to see Godzilla review nukes like food

  6. The red one reminds of Kamen Rider Chalice's design

  7. If dottore become playable, his pronouns would be Ore, and when he arrived at a place, he will say Ore sanjou.

  8. He better have a line about Baizhu where he calls Baizhu a turtle, and Baizhu calls him Senpai.

  9. I play in English, but my roomie plays in Japanese. How did I not realize Dottore was Momotaros!?

  10. Probably angel or sky themed, but a plane themed Precure would be fun

  11. Liben is the guy who saved Josuke when he was young

  12. Do you have something like a video of this toothpick thing?

  13. Drayano’s romhacks are usually without these issues and the bits of story added aren’t over the top. In Blaze Black 2, trainers have a couple more Pokémon, stronger mons with better sets, but it’s not like those difficulty hacks where every single trainer has 6 pokemon who just spam recovery. In each city, the hoenn gym leaders are there for you as guests to challenge them if you want to.

  14. Nah, there's no perfect fan game I don't think. Inclement Emerald and Uranium have been my faves. Skip the latter if you don't like fakemons.

  15. Thanks for the recs. Hopefully one day we'll get a fan game that's as close to perfection as it can be

  16. What are some good recommendations for screen protectors and those small travel case things for the Switch, like the official Pokemon or Kirby designed cases, and the game cartridges?

  17. I use Ivoler tempered glass screen protectors for my Switch and phone (might be Supershieldz for the phone, I bought two packs and I can't remember which I used), but any brand with 4 stars or more will be totally fine - I'd just buy whichever pack is cheapest.

  18. Where did you get the image of just the hissatsu name?

  19. Speaking of 2.0 Faiz Gear, whether it is legit or not, what I wanna see changes for the rest of the Gear:

  20. I'd imagine it'll be in the CSG line, but who knows

  21. The two best switch games imo are Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. They're even fun to watch/switch off with family in my experience.

  22. This is literally Cure Precious from Delicious Party Precure. Love it

  23. Unfortunately, there's no official way to watch it. Toei's picky like that. But one of Kamen Rider's sister shows, Ultraman, is in the same genre, just with giant monsters instead of human sized monsters, and is all over YT with English subtitles, so that's another option as an introduction to the type of show KR is.

  24. I love Maverick's character; you would think that the MC in a universe like that to be morally gray or edgy, but nah, here he's actually one of the most righteous

  25. Seeing it with the boost buckle made me realise how terrifying it would be if a rider’s buckles are stolen and used by the Jyamato riders

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