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  1. SE with the Eco, or a heavily modded 2.5? I have the 2.0 in our Escape and the 2.5 in my Fusion, which gets good mileage, but it’s slow AF.

  2. my se was heavenly gifted with the v6 when i first bought it check my page for my videos and updates

  3. Did you do this yourself? Or did you get it done somewhere? And how much did it run you

  4. yes i did it myself, but the turbo and etc were installed with the help of my dad.

  5. Wow, that’s impressive. Do you have the 3.0 or the 3.5? And how did you even find room in the engine bay for it? 😂

  6. i had the 2.5 4L 4cyl… swapped it out with the 3.5v6 added the turbo and injectors etc.. and here we are haha..


  8. Before looking at the sub, I said god no not in a fusion. Then I saw the blinking tc light.

  9. I mean this in the nicest possible way dude: no one gives a flying fuck but yourself

  10. Thanks bro!!!! Everyone has to be a dick, and today is your day to shine!!

  11. MULTIPLAYER. screw the damn other one. I honestly hate it 😂 i use to be a total Scrub back in the MW3 and MW2 days, now im like a old man getting raped by 10-13 yr olds with a Modded controller, or they’re just outstandingly good.

  12. I can say this from the bottom of my heart! But i really hope they dont close BF1 servers. I would really have nothing to play!

  13. The best team considering how strong are some heroes you have will be the Chaos team: Astaroth, Jorgen, Xesha, Dorian, Lilith.

  14. but okay i have jorgen and dorian lvl 78 both now im working on leveling their artifacts

  15. Everyone in your comments are a bunch of fuckboi ass haters 😒 if you love your car do it, don't ask the internet to proceed with your creative intuitions. . 2015 2.7 se here and I have tons done to my car, shit... I turn heads all day. If you have a vision and it means something do it.

  16. Yeah i tend to get alot of hate on a daily from my fellow Redditors… but hey what was your first installment man? Im a big fan of ford fusion.

  17. i would say jack off, but it takes me like 30 minutes to jack off now… so i would have to say, fuck my auntie again. like really hard to and cum in her 😁

  18. People in this sub don't like furrys I guess

  19. haha i can tell, this is the game world mostly jealous baby dick fagsss.. or am i allowed to say that?? haha

  20. so many dislikes? must be the little kids we teabagged everytime we kill yall haha… NOOBS

  21. Get AltStore as u can't jb iOS 15

  22. so just get altstore and i dont have to be on a lower ios?

  23. okay so just sit on ios 15.2.1 until a jb comes out? thanks guys. i can wait, because i tried to download a blob and apple made it where you cant move down to a lower IOS.

  24. haha imagine hitting that owner trying to steal a diamond sword/axe 😂😂😂😂

  25. I would not mess with temp mode. There just to much bs you need to use it. Regular wattrage mode is perfect. You may end up loving I but iv never met anyone who does.

  26. yeah im fine with power mode now that i know in not missing anything on temp lmao.

  27. I'm waiting to do my third review. 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, and this April will be 28 months later (lol). I'm the kind of man who can tear up a rock with a stick, so it will be interesting to describe some of the Battle Scars this thing has endured. Built better than a Rolex.

  28. I will be there to support! Im giving up cigs for vaping! So a honest review shall be worthy!

  29. ohhhh thanks man! yeah my coil wont allow tcr settings.. thanks tho

  30. It says geek vape B series. 30-38W and 0.3 upside down horseshoe looking thing

  31. oh what you’re doing is probably vaping your wattage way to high, if it says 30-38 W thats a very low coil, but its great for flavor! but if you do go over that wattage (Power) limit than thats the reason why you vape taste like this, its getting fried out bud.

  32. Can you add a picture of the turbo inside the engine bay? 7.6 seconds 0-60 in a 3.5l v6 that is turbocharged seems slow, not hating just don't completely believe it. Would be really cool though

  33. Go for it. The black wheels would look really good with this color, I sort of want black rims too!

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