1. Always trust your gut. Even the toughest guys on the planet should be weary of multiple men giving you an uneasy feeling. You did the smart and right thing. Which I think is pretty manly.

  2. Get anything with the M1 or M2 processor. Just my opinion but the apple silicon is good stuff. I love my M1 Pro

  3. I’d get a nice suv or truck for about 50 as my daily. Then I’d drive an old fox body or Camaro for a track/weekend car and out the rest into that for upgrades or maintenance.

  4. It’s a relief of pressure for Dashy. Tell me what’s more stressful: working with a co worker you don’t like or that co worker being gone

  5. Yeah but everyone will blame Dashy now for Rambo leaving. So they need to do better without Rambo then they have before. Now I’m not saying they won much with Rambo the last few years but if they don’t atleast win a major this year, people will blame Dashy because that’s how people think imo.

  6. It’s his thing. He would do it on the podcasts too which can make them hard to watch. Overall I like the watch parties and want to see scump do great things in content.

  7. Fulfillment here. I got tipped for loading a simple dishwasher or loading concrete into a truck. Only happened twice. Always nice to be appreciated but I never expect anything.

  8. I used Tri-Cities Electric and was pleased.

  9. Not sure why you got down voted. I also was pleased with Tri-City Electric.

  10. Car-part.com and find a bed. I have the same generation truck. New bed would be easiest.

  11. I played it for the first time ever, last year on my ps5. I played it on the remastered because the remake wasn’t out yet and I still thought it looked okay for being so old and it didn’t impact my opinion on this awesome game. However if I played it now for the first time. I’d go remake.

  12. I’ve really been liking the new 2022 suburu wrx. Next summer when I’m in the market it’ll be the first car I test drive. I’ve heard good things about suburu but as a Toyota guy myself, can’t do wrong there either.

  13. I’ve liked the thinner OtterBox ones and the brand spigen from Amazon.

  14. For Chicago PD they lowered the standards so I’m Guessing it’s Illinois as a whole as well.

  15. I saw the same post, probably. However it is not true. There are no speed cameras in either direction on the bridge, only traffic cameras which monitor the traffic.

  16. Sounds pretty standard. I’m PT Fulfillment and can be asked to do the same although I avoid the CS desk and let the head Cashier cover. I find pulling carts and loading enjoyable as it’s no thinking involved and it can pass the time rather than standing around somewhere. I came from being a cashier and would not recommend.

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