1. I live farther south in Indiana, but looking at a map it looks like the Maumee runs through there

  2. They apparently don't want people digging threw their code. Just because you can doesn't mean you should

  3. If the woman don't find you handsome atleast they'll find you handy

  4. You would think. Witha a gueger counter they would be able to trace the path and find it. Am I wrong?

  5. Stop doing stuff you can't afford. It'll A. either get cheaper B. Go away all together.

  6. I live in America and have never seen or heard of one of these.

  7. I live in a small mining town and we have a guy we hand them to

  8. This is a place of meme and trolling. Stay very clear if you can't think for yourself

  9. And now it cost 8 dollars for a cheeseburger at your local fast food restaurant

  10. If im sitting, it normally to get out of the spawn, so ill sit maybe 5 minutes then take off. While doing that I enjoy watching a stream on my other screen Edit: there's only certain spawns where I've weighed the chances of survival through trial and error. Shoreline back wall sucks normally. Reserve bunker by train station also sucks

  11. Must be failing at your task? No need to blame others achievement. Just work harder and pay a little more attention to your surrounding and you will be fine.

  12. Sounds like you’re too scared of fighting outside of a situation where you hold all the advantages

  13. The fact that your name has fruit sounds like the real situation

  14. Oh man couldn't give up with the first failed meme so he came back with another... you're bad at the game you like and it bothers your soul, but no one here cares.

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