1. Lorenzo Lamas was hitting that at the time.

  2. Glad to see I ain't the only one who hates Sgail.. that Map give me headache lol

  3. I once bought a RIO gold fly line in 5wt and it worked great until the first time I cleaned it after about a month of use and it just broke while spooling it back in. I sent pictures to RIO for a warranty claim. I didn't trust the line anymore so I asked I they could replace with equal value of tippet and they said no and promptly sent me a replacement line.

  4. I have a RIO gold in 6WF and the front two feet of it sink. No matter how I clean it or treat it.

  5. Oh horseshit you did not take or were given 3 Viagra. You would have such a drop in blood pressure you'd be in the ER.

  6. Like at the the end of Witcher 3 when Triss or The other one comes to the house at the winery.

  7. NTA. Emotional abuse is still abuse. End of. The fact your mother enables it is disgusting. Don't invite them, invite your dad who you say has missed nearly everything else. It's his turn.

  8. Tbh I have done that in the past whenever he visited my place but whenever I do something like that my mom says that I should not bring such things up every time and should let the past be the past

  9. Oh no if it's in your own place you have the right to do it. Tell your mom to STFU.

  10. Its seethrough rubber material made specificaly for Czech nymphs, but some people also use eel skin or condoms😂

  11. I love these, cant wait for the ink map of kansas, just a big fucking rectangle with no features except about 1000 oil wells and the flint hills to the west. Good job OP

  12. Also while we're on the topic of the French. There's a book called APPEL about a Canadian guy from British columbia Joel Struthers that went off to join the French foreign legion in the 90s. It's pretty interesting. I always think of bugs bunny wearing a kepi when I think of the legion but it turns out their badass commandos lol

  13. Quick...OP has learned how to turn 2 flies into 4...fly shops hate him for this one simple trick

  14. Something might be lacking... How do you pay for the coffee ?

  15. NTA but your balls must have been in that bag for you to spend $600 on your MIL. How much did you spend on your own Mom.

  16. And no music….means no dancing? No first dance, no mother/so. And Father daughter dances.

  17. He also played one the best Un-Subs in Criminal Minds I think right before his demise

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