1. What a cutie bear. Looks a lot like my long coat Akita.

  2. That’s some gorgeous teak, but I wouldn’t power wash it. Just some diluted dish soap and elbow grease. Then lots of teak oil.

  3. I've never been a fan of "teak oil" because it's never just teak oil, or sometimes it isn't any at all! It's an oil "made for" teak wood that needs to be reapplied constantly.

  4. Right! I agree with you, and I let my teak go silver and actually prefer it that way. But I think if OP is trying to flip this set, applying it once will make it nice and honey colored, and then they can let the buyer deal with it after that :)

  5. I used to weigh almost 400 pounds. When i started walking every day, I was moo’d at a few times. The first time it happened I was devastated and went home crying. After that I would just smile and wave. Like wtf? I’m out here walking trying to lose weight and you’re moo’ing at me? Fuck off.

  6. Fuck that! Reminds me of all the people that literally hate cyclists, and would yell all sorts of nasty stuff at me, which is why I no longer ride a bike everywhere. I think they’re jealous that you have the will to exercise and they don’t!

  7. We were in high spirits on a night out and our taxi driver said it was the funniest fare he'd ever had. The high point, which had him literally crying with laughter, was when we hit him with one of our "classics". Don, in the front seat, had his window down. As we went past a pedestrian on the pavement I said "Don! Shout abuse at that bloke!"

  8. Ok now that I would have found either funny or confusing. Especially if I could hear everyone laughing .

  9. Wow, I.. I.. knew I didn’t want to watch it b..but I did anyway.

  10. Is this she lately? We need more pictures of hers, thanks.

  11. I’ll delete my comment now that I see this lol

  12. It’s some kind of decorative allium. Related to onions and garlic.

  13. Quick google search confirms this, thank you! Purple Gladiator Allium.

  14. No shirt, no shoes, no service. This guy is beating the system.

  15. His shirt was covered in fish guts and his girlfriend in the truck was too drunk to go in so they traded.

  16. I have no problem believing birds are twisted firestarters.

  17. I immediately heard it in my head, so we’re both old.

  18. Many of these are of the type: "oops, i dropped my phone. Well, time for a new floor."

  19. 2 is easily incorporated into an employee’s shirt logo or web design, but I wouldn’t count 1 out either for additional merch items. Think tintypes, cozies, more shirts.. even more shirts.

  20. 🥰 also my favorite. What a perfect sweet girl.

  21. My boy loves being rubbed with a towel. And leans his face in when I use a tissue to wipe his eye boogers away. Brushing though? No brush, mom, absolutely no brush.

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