Ryan Frederick says Miro does not want to go back to WWE

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  1. One of most important people to the entire history of pro wrestling.

  2. Fuck it, give me Wyatt Vs Cena III at WrestleMania.

  3. I actually think that may help him there - it grounds him as someone who is still a wrestler, but also has these excellent people and professional skills.

  4. Right. Obvious body tattoos are to wrestlers what long hair was in the 80s and 90s.

  5. As someone who was a die hard NAO fan during the attitude era, it warms my heart that Billy Gunn is somehow more over in 2022 than he was in 1999.

  6. You're telling me this movie isn't going to be on Yahoo Screen!?

  7. It’s hilarious to me that two of my favorite shows of all time (Breaking Bad and The Sopranos) each have episodes that their fan bases absolutely loath involving a character saying “happy birthday, mr president”

  8. In Punk’s defense, no one ever explained to him it’s usually not a good idea to call your coworkers empty headed dumb fucks who couldn’t manage a Target and then punch them in the face when they take issue with your comments.

  9. SRS, Frank the Clown, Brock Lesnar Shirt Guy, they're all the same. Weird fuckers that want to be wrestlers so bad they're willing to do unhinged shit to gain the attention of wrestlers and fans.

  10. God, I had forgotten about Frank the clown. You could put that Bayley super fan (Izzy?)’s dad in the same category. Didn’t he try to start beef with an nxt wrestler or some shit?

  11. At least he got an awesome pop when he was revealed as the stalker. Just sucks everything from after that moment was awful

  12. Not breaking news here but obviously feels like Ryen just really enjoys the idea of being buddies with ex athletes. I could understand this at a younger age and being new to the industry. Now? Just seems bizarre and really waters things down.

  13. How else is a man in his mid 40s supposed to make new friends?

  14. Didn’t Miro say in an interview not too long ago that his neighbor is Sheamus and he never sees Sheamus at home? I’m sure Miro enjoys the much lighter schedule seeing as he signed an extension

  15. Ironically last we saw of Buddy in WWE wasn’t he storyline attached to Dominick’s sister?

  16. In August of 1997 in Atlantic City, I attended a RAW that was headlined by HBK/HHH vs Taker/Mankind

  17. One of the coolest songs of all time. Top tier album cover too.

  18. God I love the way HBK stares the crowd down afterwards. Great storytelling.

  19. That stare down is fantastic. It’s like a reminder that HBK has literally turned on every tag team partner he’s ever had lol

  20. He filmed his movie in Romania and pretended it was Kazakhstan.

  21. I mean, yeah, it wasn’t an actual documentary. Borat is a character.

  22. NWAlt-Right is the biggest trash organization in wrestling today.

  23. Turns out the real coke was the friends we sniffed along the way…

  24. I just quickly checked Wikipedia, and I think it's how many times he's been a World Champion. ROH, AEW, and Undisputed WWF once, World Heavyweight twice, and WCW three times.

  25. Yeah it’s the number of world title reigns. They keep crediting Danielson as a six time world champ which I believe was his 1 ROH reign and then 5 in WWE. And Moxley was billed as a 3 time world champ before last night (2 aew reigns, 1 wwe world title reign).

  26. i remember being heartbroken when Batista turned on Rey in 09

  27. Not be the “actually… guy” but Jericho and KO were already heels. So it was a heel turning heel on a fellow heel, thereby turning Jericho face.

  28. I just remembered that these morons were camped out in Dallas Texas last year because JFK and/or JFK Jr were coming back from the dead to run as Trump’s Vice President or some shit.

  29. Big Show is technically only person to hold WCW, WWE and ECW world titles right?

  30. It might be! I know him from the MTV boy band 2GETHER. HE had less hair than this clip.

  31. Yep, same guy. Kevin Farley was also in another minor role in a Sandler film in the 90s I believe.

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