1. Note that he didn't say he supports DeSantis over Trump in the primaries. He said he supports DeSantis over Biden for President. Nothing here about Trump vs DeSantis in a primary match-up.

  2. It speaks volumes about Fred that while Tony has provided him some assistance this season, when it came to letting someone mine his ground he went with new people with no mining experience rather than offering the opportuinty to Fred.

  3. Trump, first and foremost is a marketer, and as such understands the importance of knowing what the customer wants to buy. Conversely, most politicians think that are smarter than the customer and dictate to them what to buy

  4. There's no recession if you're an attorney in DC.

  5. Since the RNC has basically been asleep for the past 6 years, he's a perfect fit.

  6. Both sides got what they wanted. Liz got to affirm her RINO status and Dems got their token "conservative" on the panel.

  7. I'd like to see the line items in the corporate books on how much they spent annually on the coffee bar, wine/beer/liquor weekly open bars, free massages, wellness activities, CRT and inclusion workshops, etc.

  8. They ripped me off when I canceled and charged me for one more month.

  9. Caveat Emptor, clearly stated terms in the agreement you signed, so no rip off.

  10. They're now following up on a hot tip that John Wilkes Booth was associated with QAnon

  11. Look at Disney's board. Same group, just a refresh on the front man the public sees.

  12. He should refer to Matt's experience to see how quickly the press will turn on you once you become a serious threat to the Dems

  13. When the objective is to be the first to report rather than to get all the facts first, this is the result.

  14. Just like premium dry aged steaks, need some mold to give it flavor.

  15. He can promise whatever amount he wants. Congress holds the purse strings.

  16. It's already well known what's on the laptop and how it got there.

  17. Is there a definitive story outlining all the facts that someone could read to get caught up?

  18. Sorry, but I'm not your research assistant. There's so much info out there that anyone with even a bit of initiative could get themselves up to speed with minimal effort.

  19. You know the producers and Discovery follow social media, right?

  20. Do you have any specific examples of where the producers made changes based on social media comments? The only thing your "bitching" on social media does is create the illusion that you are making a difference. The only time changes are made is if there's a downward change in ratings.

  21. How in the fuck would I have awareness of anything they changed based on social media? Am I Doomcock of Goldrush?

  22. What an articulate and insightful reply.

  23. Nothing new here. Any family and their college student applying for scholarships or aid had been required by most schools to disclose financial and other data on the FAFSA website for years.

  24. Did an exemplary job of replacing IT staff who were American citizens with low-cost imported programmers, and requiring them to train the replacements in order to receive severence.

  25. remember on election day the machines broke and then they "rolled out a fix" to all counties at once? how did they do that? was the "fix" also certified?

  26. The only "fix" on this has been "The Fix Is In"

  27. Setting the stage to be appointed Ambassador to the Holy See.

  28. First that Theranos chick and now him. Cant these kids run a comb through their hair. New Rule. Next CEO of some brand new company looks this disheveled keep your money far away from them.

  29. And don't agree to a sports arena naming rights deal with them, no matter how much money they throw at you.

  30. Since Mitch and Doumitt are getting paid by Discovery should they be also paid by Parker?

  31. Yes, I do know that, but hope springs eternal.

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