1. The most reliable indicator of future violence is a history of violence. He would have committed other violent crimes and likely already had.

  2. Don’t need to know it. I know from this one incident what he was willing to do in service to his own wants. That tells me enough. But, I’m willing bet you my salary for the next year he has a rap sheet.

  3. I love Batman. Always have. But, if I’m honest, without a heads-up and kryptonite, a Rogue Superman would likely take Batman apart in a blink. Now, I may be wrong. The guy is an omega-level strategist and Superman has weaknesses like electricity, sound, and magic. So, an honest to god fight could go two way.

  4. The general public has a far too altruistic view of adoption and fostering. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows and happily-ever-afters. There's real and studied trauma for a newborn taken from their birth mother. Fosters being swapped from family to family. Mothers who are pressured to give up their child by family or finances, and regret it for the rest of their lives. Incredible mental health damage.

  5. I work in the system as a therapist. This system is a horror show from one end to the other.

  6. Bet it’s also linked to lower instances of abuse, neglect, and addiction, too.

  7. The last of us is not a video game. It’s one of those amusement park rides where you sit in a kart on a track and move slowly through a haunted house

  8. It was the only game that gave me the same sense of impending doom that Silent Hill did.

  9. To be fair, if you jumped on a Clicker, you’d likely die because 10 of its genital wart faced friends would come a’runnin’.

  10. Yep. I was supervising a fully licensed and seasoned psychologist, BCBA, AND clinical social worker as a CSW. That was awkward for me because, to my way of thinking, they should have been supervising me. So, what I did was take the approach that there was tons I could learn from them but that I also had a lot to offer and tried to make it collaborative. I still do, even as an LCSW. And, it works great.

  11. It’s a little disingenuous to put it that way. Many conservative Americans are not “pro-Russia”, whatever that is. I’m pro-Russian people no longer getting shafted by their screwed up government. But, I’m also pro-America, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and every where else people not getting screwed over by their government. I’m fairly liberal, too.

  12. I’d rather not have my over easy egg dripping with oil, thank you. I eat eggs to taste eggs, not Wesson.

  13. 1.) How’d he get ahold of the gun. 2.) How’d he know how to load, chamber, and use it? 3.) What kind of life did he have, to think murdering his teacher was a solution?

  14. Well, I mean, economically, y’all are fudged. But, anyone who doesn’t have a net worth over a cool 10 million is probably about to wind up living in a tent and trying to escape the effects of climate change in the next 10 years.

  15. May I ask for some video or source or anything that warns people of Tiktok?

  16. In first grade i mispronounced island the way it looks (is-land). Everyone laughed at me. I’m 43 and I still think about that every time I see the word.

  17. Bonus points if you know what the three letters above the second dial were.

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