I just had my leg amputated recently and I had an anonymous person send me this bear. I didn’t even notice the fact that whoever sent the bear, made it just like me. This picture was taken after I had washed my face because I was sobbing. Shit like this make my day. Thank anon❤️

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  1. I have been to 26 shows, and this Alpine trip is 27. Many of them been at Alpine, as I am native to the state of WI and Alpine is an awesome experience.

  2. Take some games! Like cornhole! We use to tailgate for different concerts when we were younger and it’s fun to have something to do! People are so nice at Dave concerts. The vibe is just very chill and people are generally very very nice! Blare some Dave and have a good time! Also, I went to the Indy show and it was my first time seeing all the vendors set up in the parking lot. That was super cool to see. They sell tye dye gear and food and slushees. It was so cool to see everyone having a great time. I dk how it is there, but be careful about people driving drunk. I witness someone about run over some people on a golf cart and then run over a metal pole divider…all before leaving the parking lot of the concert. Then we proceeded to follow them for 20 minutes on the highway (we were going the same direction..I wasn’t being a creep lol) They were swerving, about hit a curb head on before even getting on the highway. Had to call the police and they still didn’t get stopped. It was scary to see.

  3. Great idea on the games!! I’m super excited for the tailgate part. It’s always fun meeting new people.

  4. Add Ope to the beginning of every county name.

  5. I think a Mars Cheese Castle should guard the entrance to Wisconsin at every point of entry into the state.

  6. I laughed way harder at this then I thought I would.

  7. How long have you had these? Do you by chance have Neurofibromatosis?

  8. Does anyone else in your family have these? Does anyone else in your family have brain tumors or have they lost hearing?

  9. There are a few people in my family that have it. There has been no brain damage or hearing loss so far.

  10. Well....to be fair, people did have to tell their kids to not put laundry pods in their mouths.

  11. I’m looking to add a toner to my skincare routine. I have combination skin with a t-zone that’s gets very oily through out the day. I’m wondering if anyone uses one toner in the a.m. and a different one in the p.m.. I’m looking to help keep the oil away durning the day and something to help with signs of aging at night.

  12. You could use a toner with niacinamide or something like witch hazel in the AM to control sebum. A niacinamide toner would also work well for anti-aging purposes for night use, or you could go with something aimed at hydration (hyaluronic acid) or an exfoliating toner (glycolic, mandelic, etc). There are lots of options, just depends what the other products in your routine are :)

  13. Thanks for the advice!! I will have to look in on that. Right now I am in the process of using samples so I don’t have a permanent routine yet. Here is what I am using currently:

  14. I also need a name for this bear so if anyone has a name, I’m open to pretty much anything so nothing is off limits!

  15. Here in Southern Michigan FIP is a derogatory term we use to denote "Fucking Illinois People" who invade during the warm months.

  16. I’m in Wisconsin and we call them FIBs “Fucking Illinois Bastards” or FIBTABs “Fucking Illinois Bastard Towing A Boat.”

  17. I remember watching a children's show with my sister once awhile back...these actors were on a very colorful stage (not animated) and were all dressed as wild cats (tigers, lions, pumas) and they started singing this CATCHY song something like : "walking through the jungle, what do you see?" Only thing I can find is some animated BS. I remember what it looks like but i cant find it anywhere

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