I captured the largest image ever taken of the complete Andromeda Galaxy

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  1. What a beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 8/10. Beautiful tits. Lovely nipples and areoles. Talented pussy. Nice choice of undies too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 9/10. Nice photo. Lovely outdoor location. Beautiful body. So slim. So shapely. Nice skin. Lovely long hair. Shapely legs. Nice waistline and toned midriff. Beautiful tits. Neatly trimmed bush. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You’re welcome. You’re lovely. Best wishes.

  5. 9/10. Beautiful clear photo. Beautiful body. Flawless skin. Slim but shapely figure. Nice hips. Nice waistline and midriff. Beautiful tits. Lovely shape and a nice size. Attractive nipples and areoles. Cute looking shaved pussy with prominent labia. Thanks for sharing.

  6. 7/10. Nice mom bod. Nice skin. Lovely legs. Beautiful tits. Nice size. Neatly trimmed bush. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You’re welcome. Nice body. Best wishes

  8. Three nice photos. Three great views. Lovely skin. Delicate feminine hands. Beautiful tits. Nice size and shape. Lovely nipples. Great thighs. Beautiful clear close up of stunning shaved pussy. What a great sight. Would love to see it spread. Thanks for sharing. 9/10.

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  10. 9/10. Gorgeous body. Flawless skin. Nice hips and thighs. Good waistline and midriff. Absolutely beautiful big tits. Nice nipples and areoles. Pussy indistinct. What’s not to like?

  11. Stonehenge was built by 5 men and two boys in three weeks. Excellent British productivity levels. Excellent health and safety too, no one even broke a fingernail. It was within budget and on time. Leaves the Egyptians in the stone age.

  12. This is amazing. Well done. Per ardua ad astra

  13. The other home nations hate England to win. They always back our opponents. So I like them to do badly. It’s childish but so what? If they change their attitude so will I.

  14. Two wins. Neither will be easy. Wales in particular will play out of their skins. Edit. I’m slightly hungover this morning but still convinced we can win the group with three victories.

  15. Any game against us is a World Cup final for Wales, it'll be even worse given they'll be playing to try and get through.

  16. I agree. But keep the faith we have the better team and should prevail.

  17. Great photo. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Sleepless in Seattle. Sounds familiar . Great result anyway

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  20. 9/10. Lovely photo. Great pose. Beautiful body. Lovely long hair. Nice legs. Slim torso. Lovely tits. Bold open leg pose showcasing a beautiful pussy. Thanks for sharing.

  21. 8/10. Beautiful body. Lovely skin. Shapely legs and thighs. Slim waist and torso. Nice tits. Hairy beaver. What’s not your like?

  22. 6/10. Nice clear photo. Perfect skin. Very shapely round bum. Nice hands and arms. Nothing to dislike but need to se more to rate higher.

  23. 8/10. Shapely body but photo too dark and grainy. Flawless skin. Delicate feminine hands and arms. Nice hips and thighs. Slim waist and midriff. Small but attractive tits. Glimpse of a cute looking pussy. Nothing to improve.

  24. 7/10. Nice photo. Lovely body. Flawless skin. Beautiful big tits. Lovely shape and size. Nice nipples and areoles. Angle of photo makes it hard to rate torso legs ass or pussy

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