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  1. I run NextCloud in Docker on my Synology NAS. NextCloud is a replacement for Google Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks - and much more. You can even run OnlyOffice in Docker which enables you to create and edit documents stored in NextCloud in a browser or on a mobile device. It clearly takes a little setting up but I can point you to the tutorials should you decide to go that route.

  2. Thanks, this is what I've been looking to do with my Nas

  3. I cracked my carbon bike once on the chainstay, I found a young kid who owned a shop and said he did carbon repair, After a few weeks I got it back. I will say he said he offered no guarantees and it was more of a "I've done it before and am willing to give it a shot" arrangement, but on the first ride my pedals locked up, come to find out he filled the inside with great stuff or some other foam that drained down into my BB and then cured.

  4. I wouldn't ride a bike with a carbon "repair" like that. I have too much to live for.

  5. As a REALLY new player I'm pretty sure they'd be better off in Jump In than quick draft.

  6. Ya, did jump in right away when I finished color....I just found out you can change the deck in quick draft...I thought you had to just use all the cards you drafted.....

  7. For standard definitely wait a week or 2 so we will see what’s actually working and what isnt. Crafting any deck now with all the new rares… can be a big blowout

  8. Ah, I gotcha. At least it's good to hear it will settle down in a week or so. My main deck now has a ton of different interactions and that's what interested me in the other formats, different levels of offense or defense and have to weigh the pros and cons of it...not just I have this creature and you counter spell or destroy it or vise versa...was looking to try more complex game play.

  9. What can we do yo make blue less joyless to play against? I'm almost at the auto concession stage against the card-no, card-no wankathon.

  10. I no joke just opened reddit to ask this question... im a new player. Been on for a couple months with experience from years ago playing (pretty excited I found this!!!)

  11. I just purchased a 24 deluxe and this question came up for me as well. I went through a snow bank on my driveway that had been sitting for almost a, built up snow that was hard and icy and taller than the snowblowers augers...from my research this would be the worst case scenario of putting pressure on 1 side of the machine and it wanted to turn.

  12. Also a WNYer - recommend a ariens deluxe 24; they had one at Hector’s on main st last time I was there

  13. Username checks out. Also, do you have any problems with the auto turn on the deluxe? I see a lot of bad comments and youtube videos about that

  14. Of those, i prefer to toro powermax but the ariens "classic" seems to be a close second. The classic seems to be the replacement for the compact series. The toro powermax i think are a good machine depending on features. Even though its not something you use all the time this is a "buy nice or buy twice" situation, hence your single stage no longer being viable. The troy bilt/cub cadet are essentially the same with different options but on a scale probably lack about 40lbs of weight compared to an ariens or toro... whats that weight? Steel, more of it and in the right places. You do you but hope that helps

  15. I did see the Toro being recommended on here a few times, thanks! And yes...I get by with my 1 stage but I'm looking for something that's gonna be around 10+ years and I won't have too much worry about bad snow storms

  16. Anything is appreciated. I’d suggest AGAINST the wine, especially since you don’t know her relationship with alcohol.

  17. Ya, thanks for confirming that for me. Not a big drinker myself but I like giving bottles as gifts sometimes... I do realize lots of people don't drink at all. I shouldn't do that if I don't know. 👍

  18. About those VHS tapes: Get a second hand DVD+R recorder and record those tapes directly to DVD. Then rip these DVD's (since there is no encryption) to your PC and create/edit your movies.

  19. That sounds like a much better way than those vhs recorders. Thanks for the tip!

  20. Can I ask what kinds of problems you ran into? I'm hoping to jump into an NAS myself.

  21. Networking was the hardest, I have a router as my modem then my real router connected to that, it wasn't bridged properly then when it was my internet was 10% of the speed im suppose to get, solution was a qos I had tabbed on, took me 3 hrs to figure it out though haha. And it had to be bridged correctly to port forward for plex remote access.

  22. Connecting to the gateway bridge gives me no internet. Tried 2 different cables. also just for giggles connected to the UDM after and its still 37down with ethernet connection.

  23. You shouldn't have any problems winding it before your scheduled winding day. This shouldn't interfere with the running of the clock at all.

  24. Ok thanks! Figured it was OK but I know they can be delicate and expensive to fix.

  25. I love silver more cause of this! Good community of likeminded people. Pretty cool of you to do 👍

  26. I got my dog from Buddy's 2nd chance Rescue. They have an Instagram account and a website if you want to learn more and they keep up with posting the dogs available. They are great and it's local volunteers fostering the dogs. I do believe they have a "return" policy (sorry for crude wording) but they want what's best for the dog so if after a month or so if it's a bad situation for whatever reason they will take the dog back and find the right home for him/her. My dog was still $400, so it's not a shelter discount but if you consider that money is going towards care and rescuing other dogs it's worth it. Highly recommend!

  27. Not saying it's not an albino, but it could also be a piebald that's just mostly white. Piebalds are deer with white and brown spots on it. I think a white Piebald is more common than a truly albino deer. That being said they are awesome and a cool sight to see!

  28. The money to meet their demands doesn't exist.

  29. I've been scanning these threads for this, union worker myself, everything has to be negotiated as part of their compensation package. None of us know exactly what's happening with negotiations obviously but from what I've seen what they want is more pay, keep retirement and better healthcare...that's the main 3 benefits in your pay. Your not gonna get all 3 especially if you want more staff. Yes, you should always be trying to get more from the company but I hope their demands aren't unreasonable. There are definitely gonna have to be some concessions made....I would imagine the company isn't going to pay more and hire more staff....paying you more for less work isn't what's gonna happen. I'm rooting for a good contract but I think expectations have to be tempered a little bit.

  30. About 70lbs. That's a great suggestion

  31. Congrats! He still could be 100% GSD. I also have a rescue GSD with a straight back, I confirmed that he was 100% with a wisdom panel I received when I bought the whistle.

  32. True, we started training and she said she saw some malanois in him, but that might just be because she has a Belgian malanois so she's bias. Started my curiosity though!

  33. Hey, im a NT resident and have called the DPW a few times....they have a pallet on their erie Ave. Dump site for TV's ...other pallets there for paints, aerosol cans and other special waste garbage. stinks but those are the rules....the broken glass and stuff I can't place 100% on them, it very well could of been a scrap metal guy looking for the copper in the back of the TV.

  34. Hi there! I do think you've got the nugget of an interesting composition here. The zig-zag pattern of the waterfall edges has some great potential to lead the viewer's eye along the photo. What I would recommend is experimenting with a couple items:

  35. Thanks! Yes, I did think about the lens choice afterwords...I liked the idea of zoning in on small details of the falls and had the idea of the rocks beneath being something cool to get closer too (mist blurred a lot of it out) but the large majority of my other photos you can feel the missing scope of the entire waterfall.

  36. Taken at niagara falls Nikon 7100 tamaron 70-300mm

  37. I got some of those and had issues with them, went back to shwackers ,no blades falling out and no broken clips! Way cheaper as well

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