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  1. Should have waited a few seconds before the gunshot

  2. If this were a nuke instead it would be more distressing but it's still good

  3. If it was an asteroid full of skinwalkers it would be more distressing. Plus, nukes are overdone on this sub.

  4. Caption is good but temp is shitposting. The meme needs to convey undeniable feeling of ditress, anxiety, etc. Having someone inside a van being kidnapped with a genuine fear on their face would capture the distress better.

  5. Jokes on you, you are reincarnated as a bush of flesh and bones, destined to be tortured by hell birds for all of eternity

  6. Acksually in SCP lore death is excruciating because you can still feel everything with your body and there's no afterlife. One 05 council member dies and was brought back months later and told people about it. He became so paranoid and terrified of death that he ran into the black goo old man voluntarily because even endless torture was better then death. 🤓

  7. if you're reading this, he's already approaching your location at a speed no radar or camera can pick up. End it now or face an agonizing death from the anger of a traumatized child

  8. Well, im currently lying on the ground with a broken leg after seeing this image. Wait, there's a black hole appearing on the wall in front of me...

  9. I wonder if she’s in the attic alive or as a dead body in this meme

  10. I’m not in this sub lol I was looking at your post history from distressing memes, thanks by the way

  11. Aw hell nah why’d you repost from one of the top posts it’s like your trying to get caught

  12. Be careful if you vacation in Russia! I understand the stairwells there are feral and they cannot guarantee your safety!

  13. Can't be too distressing if "home" is playing

  14. That's the thing! I don't think music adds enough. At least not enough to be worth the effort.

  15. It's always worth the effort for me. I enjoy adding relevant music to memes.

  16. there is an asteroid flying towards us and also the skinwalker is coming to your house and also the fog is coming and you have dementia

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