Those who are against cannabis, what's your reason?

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  1. It's absolutely not normal. My best friends house is basically my second home, so if I want a snack I can just go get one. For someone who invites you over for the first time it's weird. If anything it's okay to open some kitchen drawers to set the table when you're informally eating together. But even for that I'd ask.

  2. Because public holidays are just a bonus to your regular days off.

  3. How smart they are. Smart people don't talk about being smarter than everyone. It's related to the Dunning-Kruger effect. People who don't know much about a topic overestimate their knowledge because of their limited view on the topic, while an expert on the topic who is really educated on it can overview its complexity and therefore knows that theres still much to further learn about.

  4. Hagrid reminds me of the SRO's in high school. My SRO was Mr. Man (literally his name) and he was super hilarious, helpful, and friendly with almost all students. He would invite us to his office and spill minor teacher tea and would become serious if he needed to be.

  5. Except that Hagrid ignores them when they don't like the lessons he teaches.

  6. Just put soap on the door handle after you use the toilet. Then he has to wash it of his hands after using the toilet.

  7. Hard to choose one, but if I had to choose I'd probably go for a classic white sourdough. Tastes good with just butter or garlic butter on it, with Bruschetta, with any type of meat slice, with soup, with veggies, as croutons, as breading...

  8. ESH! Him having that rule and throwing your stuff is stupid. You not being able to stay off your phone and ignore a message for a couple of hours and lashing out when someone takes your phone is a severe sign of addiction.

  9. I'm not against the medical use of cannabis at all, but I don't want to breathe in the smoke.

  10. Gotta love German traffic rules. It's specified how bright your light's can be and how high they're allowed to shine.

  11. Gotta love German traffic rules. It's specified how bright your light's can be and how high they're allowed to shine.

  12. This might be unpopular BUT The Hobbit was a mediocre book and a really good movie. For LOTR I preferred the books though.

  13. I'd honestly pass on the biggest one (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne) and choose somewhere in the Ruhrgebiet. There are big cities too (Dortmund, Essen, Bochum...), with many universities and therefore many parties to go to + good public transport. Also rent is a lot cheaper there.

  14. You usually get kicked out after failing the same exam three times. Or for being caught cheating even once.

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