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  1. puts hand on Limited swats shoulder -Some day, when you're a boomer like me, he will be. looks to the distance with empty eyes

  2. Oh was he funny in the first three games cuz I’ve only played the Norse ones with Mimir as the comic relief

  3. I love it in black panther 2 when Aquaman said it’s Aquain time and Aquaed all over namor

  4. I’d say new cuz you don’t get rid of a machine when it runs out you just do a thing called ✨restocking ✨

  5. I hate the wolves but wish I could feed & befriend them like doggos at stables

  6. I used the magic eraser, and it made that cute girl by the refrigerator HUMONGOUS.

  7. Ok hasn’t been an hr yet but I said no to charging earlier or yesterday whatever I was about to begin charging it when you replied telling me to charge it and me being about to charge it already no longer wants to charge my cellular device because someone had told me to do so

  8. Marry him woman that appears to be a quality hatchet we only give quality tools to people we truly care about

  9. Great now I take this as a challenge to make it in eldenring too and by challenge I’ll go to

  10. What the fuck has reddit done to us..

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