1. This. Some of those display Models even reset every day to their Special factory values. Or start playing some Kind of Video as advertising instead of a lockscreen.

  2. I've posted a few pics of my LX Coupe, feel free to check em out on my profile.

  3. I picked up a pre-cut vinyl kit from Premium Auto Styling. It paired well with tint for the reverse light/turn signal.

  4. I put mine on but it bubbled after a couple of days n started peeling

  5. no need to tune an LX, shit goes fast as hell if you let it.

  6. If I were you I'd do an exhaust or intake upgrade first. The LX isn't going to make much more power, but it can definitely sound better. Any real power modifications will be expensive and not really have a huge impact.

  7. Will it work ok on an LX? Lots of people are telling me it’s pointless on an LX

  8. No, very easy. I recommend the pre cut ones and a heat gun though.

  9. Cause autogenerated Universe mode is dogshit lmfao

  10. Like this? I made everything a bit more clear and got rid of some of the flyaway hairs on you. Let me know if you want any other changes :)

  11. Why can’t they put the cat in a bedroom while you are visiting?

  12. They do but they feel bad. They say it’s his house too and should be let out. Also sometimes when they put him in the room he gets the doors open and escapes.

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