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  1. I hope I don't jinx myself but so far, every time I've taken out my buds, both have been charged to 100%. So hopefully no more days of pulling them out and only one is fully charged.

  2. The amount of mileage I got out of Days Gone, Monster Hunter World, Persona 5, and FFXV was disgusting

  3. Not really a fan of Skinner getting too comfortable and passing on an empty net chance but hey, at least we got the W.

  4. Me too. I always thought those ballistic masks looked terrifying so I'm really digging her skin.

  5. Since everyone on this subreddit probably knows this already, another tip is that if you feel that 1x is too slow but 0.5x is too fast because you like animations, you can set custom animation speeds

  6. Thanks for this. Back when I would run custom ROMs, 0.75 was the perfect middle ground for me. Glad to have it back again.

  7. Gotta love that the team is playing so much better, and once again, or goalies, letting up a goal to ruin the momentum.

  8. Yeah giving Connor of all people a breakaway was totally UPL's fault.

  9. So, Just because Kyle Connor is a good player means that its ok for UPL not stop that? Good goalies make big saves and after is completely dominating the jets, He gives that up. I’m not saying that it was an easy save, but can we get a save when we need it the most?

  10. How about just don't make a shitty pass and force your goalie to try and make a save on a really skilled player?

  11. I know you can't win them all but sheesh, what a mess that was on all fronts.

  12. It's crazy how tiny the Fanatics one is compared to the adidas one.

  13. Christ on a log that was an insanely exciting period of hockey.

  14. I love when instead of giving them actual names they just get descriptive names from the perspective of who you're playing.

  15. I got mine in September 2021 but I still pop in here just to see people's progress. I love seeing all the posts from people getting one. It's crazy how easy they are to get now compared to when I was hunting.

  16. Still have an unused code if anyone wants it. Just comment once it's used.

  17. I've always wished that there was some sort of "squad mate is in combat, are you sure? Yes/No" option when spawning on a squad mate that's in combat. Please just let me take the risk sometimes.

  18. Just give us a back button add-on like the one for the DS4, Sony, that's all most people want, a couple of additional buttons...

  19. Man I miss using that thing. I have no need for a $200 controller with worse battery life so I'd gladly take another back button attachment.

  20. I've been using the XM8 a lot lately and it's a damn laser beam.

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