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  1. My awning is just on a roof rack and the tent flips out over the bed.

  2. You could have a local laser cutter cut this out of aluminum for really cheap. Probably just cut it out of a larger jobs scrap.

  3. Yea it’s the same noise the traction control makes when off roading so I assume it’s it activating for a second as you start moving. It’s weird at first but I’ve gotten use to it.

  4. You can also buy X shaped keys that have the four main sizes on them.

  5. It’s been shut down for YEARS. Terrible upkeep , probably would kill someone the instant it’s used, and it’s not even a ride. It’s an elevator to the top for a view.

  6. Here are some photos from the top I took 20 years ago.

  7. Here are some photos from the top I took 20 years ago.

  8. I had a Ram in the other day with a red "SS" logo on the back....

  9. I saw a newer Camaro with the nazi SS badges on it. I thought it was maybe a misunderstanding until I saw the owner get into it.

  10. _tx says:

    I work at a tech company.

  11. A trip to a neighboring state is cheaper then providing maternity leave.

  12. This is amazing! My one bit of advice, is just do it now and move it all onto your property. You and your neighbor might be cool now and that’s great but if he sells, the new people could cause all sorts of issues from making you pay them to rent the property space, make you move it, or some other crazy thing that you hear horror stories about from neighbors.

  13. It’s a cools space but I agree. Being on a neighbors property and the amount of work it seems like it might have been easier to just build a new building in your own yard.

  14. It’s weird. Three houses in my neighborhood have been on the market for over two weeks now but they are definitely overpriced. I have no doubt that they would sell but they are all priced so damn high. Seems like they missed the peak and are unwilling to accept that fact.

  15. I looked at a house 5 weeks ago in cottonwood heights listed at $750k which was absolutely insane for the condition it’s in. I checked again today and it’s currently at $599k.

  16. It was made from 56-59. I’m not positive how euro license plates work but I’d guess the 59 is the year.

  17. Yes 59. It’s an Irish vintage plate. 59 is the year, D for Dublin is the area, and 23 is the number.

  18. Very cool, thanks for explaining! I read somewhere that in most of Europe licenses plates are assigned to the car and will have the same plate for the life of the vehicle regardless of owner. Is that true in Ireland too?

  19. Cool I live right by Tom woods driveshafts. I order three or four a week from them, they always do a fantastic job!

  20. I’m mechanic with every professional tool you can think of but I still keep those crappy hex keys and flat stamped metal wrenches that come with furniture. Who knows might come in handy one day.

  21. I know this is super late but we get big variety packs of Grandma's cookies from Sam's Club. So if you're in America and on the East Coast that's where.

  22. Thanks I have both by me, I’ll check them out!

  23. The only thing I hate is that the interior space seems to be stock. You can see the windshield A pillars inside, which leads me to believe the rear has the same treatment. If they increased the interior volume to that of the hot dog body, I'd rock that. It would be an awesome car camper. Maybe better MPGs than a van.

  24. Oh man looks like you’re right they just stuck the top over a mini with out changing much of anything. I’d would definitely drive it if it had the interior space of the hot dog.

  25. I’m 6 foot 6in and I fit in my wife’s 2004 Mini just fine. They’re roomier than they look.

  26. Oh I’m sure but I still want the whole hot dog.

  27. Wish they would crack down on the express lane. I'd say at least 25% of the people aren't in a car pool and aren't paying the tolls.

  28. Yes and randomly swerving in and out of it over the double white lines.

  29. Seriously why the hell do they not have to cover their loads? Everyday I see a truck with gravel pile over the top and the cover just rolled up at the front unused. I’ve never broken windshield in my life and I’ve broken 7 since moving here, including two weeks after I bought my first brand new car.

  30. I’m actually not sure the name of the peak it’s the next one over from grandeur.

  31. I paid $41,000 for my ‘21 off road 0 miles fully loaded to give perspective, but in todays market, good buy, you have a great truck that’s all that matters.

  32. Similar my brand new 2021 off road premium and advance tech package was $43k out the door. I ordered it in November 2020 still kinda early in the pandemic when people were afraid to spend money and got 0% interest.

  33. The better way is to tell them what you’re doing and then ask if they want to come.

  34. My local FB marketplace/ Craigslist always has lots of super strong steelcase brand cabinets cheap from old office buildings. I just got three more for $40 each a few weeks ago.

  35. My midnight snack stash. I don't have any, but I think I should have some.

  36. For real! I work out everyday and run 5 miles three times a week and try to eat healthy. But every time I buy some cookies or ice cream sandwiches my wife gives me shit for it.

  37. This means nothing without the cooking time. You can cook at a higher temperature for a shorter time or vice versa...

  38. I don’t know why you’re being down voted for being right. Chicken that hits 165 for 15 seconds is safe but you can also replace heat with time. Holding the same chicken at 145 for nine minutes will also kill salmonella and be safe to eat. Time can replace temperatures this is how sous vide works.

  39. Fun fact there are only 124 air ship pilots in the US for just 39 registered air ships.

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