1. The actors and actresses shd have the option of not doing Love/sex/romance scenes. As a personal choice. Religious reasons. Not wanting their sons and daughters or other family members to see them kissing and bedding total strangers. No one should be forced to do that stuff.

  2. You talk about the absence of kissing-bed scenes. My feel? I see at least 10-15 such scenes every week. Sometimes more. Every time I see one I cringe 😬

  3. Since T J spoke out for Spencer he and his peers Joss Trina and Cam been leaning strongly towards each other. No surprise. They asked D A Scorpio to drop charges against Esme. Together they are a credible group. Always honest and dependable.

  4. Esme isn’t a guy. She is a young mother In prison. The charge? Revenge Porn. Her biggest fight against all her enemies? Keeping custody of Ace the baby boy she gave birth to.

  5. Willow doesn’t care about who her birth father was for the same reason she’ll keep Nina at a distance. She’s on overload about the entire situation and doesn’t gaf.

  6. Willow doesn’t seem concerned about her mother for 6 months Nina. She talked about the only father she has ever known yesterday. I’m sure she’s referring to her 25+ year mother and father Harmony and Douglas.

  7. Right I didn’t know who ‘they’ was. I asked you You answered. Then I knew who tf you were talking about.

  8. My husband is European and my daughter is mixed obvi. One thing I will say is that she calls herself a black girl. I’ve had the conversation with her since she was old enough to understand (she’s 10 now). She thinks she looks like me but she doesn’t. It’s hard to explain but when she looks at me she sees herself. She mentioned to me one day that she felt I was being mistreated because I’m darker skinned. I don’t have grown folk conversations around her so this hurt my heart for her to witness but for a child to see and feel like something is off makes me feel like the conversation needs to continue to be had. Until the world acts different, what you’re saying isn’t going to give dark skinned people the warm fuzzies. Maybe it doesn’t need to. But bringing history into it doesn’t help regardless of anyone’s color. Brushing these things under the rug only makes brown skinned people get louder. Just sayin. And Candiace backed down and said she felt no one on the cast was a colorist cough. Love her but she was leading a conversation that was extremely important to have on a public platform while trying not to lose her job. It wasn’t setup right and I hope Bravo will just keep their eyes out for any colorist behavior.

  9. The world 🌎? White people aren’t the majority Except maybe in the U S and parts of Europe. You can show her or keep reminding her The majority of the world’s people look similar to her. And her mom.

  10. That’s what I mean lol. She gets it trust me but it’ll be a cold day in hell when she walks around like Gizelle and Rob the Builder who can’t empathize with how someone else feels. And it’s not that serious. It’s my opinion.

  11. He filed which doesn’t mean Amy will agree to divorce him. He may change his mind after he calms down. And gets some rest. Then . Their lawyers will fight it out. In family court.

  12. In the last episode Amy had a meltdown because Michael got Covid and couldn’t be in the hospital with her and Glenn. He seems to be with her step by step in taking care of their sons. Bad timing should she divorce him now.

  13. There was a plan for Debbie Nicole Jen and Daniele. They’d live with their husband’s families In multigenerational households.

  14. None of these relationships are settled. It makes no sense for anyone of them to have permanent housing set ups. Expected the women will live in Rishi’s Mahmoud Yohan and Oussama’s family homes.

  15. None of these relationships are settled. It makes no sense for anyone of them to have permanent housing set ups. Expected the women will live in Rishi’s Mahmoud Yohan and Oussama’s family homes.

  16. Yes you are missing something. Rishi. He is months away from making a decision. As far away from being ready to tell his parents about an engagement or a marriage. Jen’s head stuff In no way will determine the outcome.

  17. Well that's the thing. Instead of wasting her time/money just to wait there, she can apply for a school. The putcome is she get to stay in India for as long as she has to study, which is not gonna be less than 2 years, also she gets to know Rishi by being there, and when she realizes that he is a trashbag full of shit, she can go back with a degree. You know what i mean?

  18. You suggest a vicious circle that most likely will never end. Jen quest for something she won’t get in India 🇮🇳 I say cut her loses and go home.

  19. I see no benefit for Jen She’d be prolonging her agony and digging herself a deeper hole. The lawyer told her She and Rishi are married It’s smooth sailing.

  20. Mahmoud answers to Allah through an Imam about his behavior. And seeks instruction if he needs more.

  21. No argument The bond between daughters and mothers is a strong one. Whether good 👍🏼 or bad .

  22. Peace ☮️ between them didn’t last long. The Gutter Barbie jacket thing is gone. :(

  23. We see Strict rules about the interactions between females and males which are based upon their differences. Islam ☪️ draws a line between who is a He and who is a She. Her rules align with her basic nature. His rules align with his basic nature. Human life is sacred bc of the ability to create more human life. Living things have the highest value. For those who want to create it and sustain. The goal— healthy families neighborhoods and communities. A country founded on peace ☮️ and Harmony will produce better educated and stronger citizens.

  24. One thing Mahmoud Rishi and even Oussama know well. How to bs and tap dance their way through all of her I love 💕 you stuff. He recites the words. She gets angrier.

  25. His rules specifically that he wants for her. Mahmoud is extreme.

  26. Nichole’s expectations come totally from an American white woman’s perspective. It’s all she knows. She doesn’t see Mahmoud as a man worthy of her attention. He is invisible to her. White people only truly ‘see’ other white people. Or they project whiteness onto the rest of us.

  27. Mahmoud isn’t extreme by Egyptian Muslim male standards. Nicole is all bent out of shape about him. Because she sees a man ‘probably white American 🇺🇸’ that he is not

  28. Jen’s dumbest words ever. She says she and Rishi were in a long distance relationship for two years. It was really hard. They nearly broke up twice. Tell Me htf can you break up with someone you don’t see and spend time with 🤷🏽‍♀️

  29. Gabe’s fear comes from what happened to him here in the USA 🇺🇸 and on social media. The rejection he got bc he is trans came from a place where being ‘trans’ is a thing. My bet Isabel’s parents told him what is important to them. I don’t think his physical-medical 🏥 issue will change their minds.

  30. Where is Joss going? Her learning curve will increase. It’s all in front of her. Cam says it best. Dex is everything she hates.

  31. There is a young woman 👩🏽 who looks like she could be Epiphany’s secret 🤐 daughter. A possible way to keep her memory alive ;)

  32. Carly is usually straightforward and honest seems to be true to herself. My feelings toward her are usually cool to lukewarm. All in all. She is okay 👌🏾

  33. Gabe said the secret he and Trey were hiding is the fact they hang out together at the place Gabe & Isabel call their favorite, and had their first date.

  34. Isabel thought they Gabe and Trey were being secretive because they were speaking in English in front of her. And they were. Gabe had told Trey about his plans for her

  35. Not exactly. If I remember right they were both bisexual, which often times gets overlooked as ‘oh they just want the best of both worlds, or whatever’s working at the moment, or oh now they’re tired of men (or women) and will switch, or oh they’re just all in it for the sex. It’s not that black and white. For a bisexual person, they can find love and a physical relationship with persons of either sex and gender, whether it be later in life after a previous marriage or throughout relationships in their life span. It’s really not puzzling at all. Heterosexuals do the same thing- get married and have kids and then decide “that” person is not right for them and find love elsewhere, only difference is it’s with a person of the same sex. Heterosexuals date, marry, divorce, and have sexual only relationships too. It’s no different.

  36. For me nothing matches the authentic & spectacular story of human sexuality. Simply put It goes in a baby comes out. The sexes are female male and X=?? Both/and/neither. The politics of gender gives me a headache 50-60 gender categories for those who have more time and energy than I do.

  37. What does the Q’uran say about men? They go after women like a dog 🐕 goes after a bone. An apt description of male nature

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