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  1. Why do people keep on making these dumbass post about pits I mean come on I've seen like 7 of em already and really all I see is people argue about pitbulls to the extent of talking about them being completely killed off the fuck is wrong with people

  2. Lmao I forgot how funny this show was. Is it available to stream anywhere?

  3. The changes, including the white trim on the house and steps, look really nice. How do you use this area or I guess I should ask, how do you intend to use this area? I see a BBQ so I assume you will cook and eat outside. Do you plan to put a patio cover from the shed over the patio, or put in a sitting area with perhaps a fire pit, or what cool ideas are coming to mind now that the basics are done?

  4. Thank you and good question. We have another back corner area off the yard that is going to be utilized for fire pit as seen in

  5. Looks solid to me. Some might say to bring your trigs down but you’re within the normal ranges all around.

  6. I did a double take because that looks just like

  7. I can only speak on my own but this guy is almost 3yrs old has never showed a sliver of aggression towards any human or animal. I overly socialized him as a pup and took him to dog parks as much as I possibly could not to mention he grew up with my 4 young kids who adore him. He’s one of the good guys.

  8. I despise wind with every ounce of my soul. Feels like it’s never going to quit. 😢

  9. This took me way to long to process. I need some coffee

  10. Hundreds of bicyclists and roller bladers are ridding by your house right now.

  11. This is not a silverfish! It's a bristletail

  12. Intermodal freight broker. With alternating $1670 / $2200 (bonus) biweekly paychecks after insurance And taxes.

  13. Good job! Word of advice for next time. To really assure you’re self of no weeds, till, then water and nuke anything that comes up. If weeds matter much to you. Tilling the ground will bring up weed seeds.

  14. Ya, I laid out a bunch of weed and feed after Tilled don’t know that prevented anything but I have yet to spot any forming weeds.

  15. You put down weed and feed then threw seed on top?

  16. I ain't down voting you , I am happy for you . But it's just a fact that's most of them are really aggressive. If you keep them as a farmer of something it's fine , these dogs are proper killers and you know that

  17. I understand, I see all the videos on here like everyone else but I can only speak from experience if I didn’t own one and see all the video that pop up almost daily I would be like fuck that fuck those dogs, but I can 100% say I have a good one.

  18. I watch a pitbull attack it's owner in a ball fight , started with a fun play game , ending with 2 people badly injured in the hospital

  19. I know these thing happen but that owner had to of known that dog had signs of aggression before the fact.

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