1. While I don’t have any experience with fender amps I have owned a Lightspeed, Morning glory, and EAE Limelight V2. As far as the Lightspeed vs morning glory I sold the morning glory and bought the Lightspeed. The MG had a lot more gain on tap but the tone and transparency of the Lightspeed is amazing. On my lower output guitars it goes from completely clean to a light/medium gain OD. With my high output pickups it can occasionally veer into higher gain. Now the Morning Glory and Limelight are two different takes on a Bluesbreaker but I would take the limelight any day of the week. The tone shaping is great and there is a great amount of gain on tap. I would buy the pedal for the boost section alone. The boost is voiced for the limelight’s gain but even by itself it’s a great clean boost. It’s more expensive than the JHS MG and harder to find but I cannot recommend it enough. I use the Lightspeed for my low-medium gain drive or for some extra tone shaping and run my Limelight before it. The Lightspeed can do some extra tone shaping to the Limelight. The best part is boosting the Lightspeed with the boost from the limelight. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk and I hope that this helps in some way.

  2. I’d rather kill myself at taller than 6 foot than be living a life at 5’7 looking up to other men every time I speak.

  3. If you think that being 6 foot automatically makes you a better person/better at life you need help man. Dude was calling you out and instead of responding to that and rationalizing you go after his height and stalk his profile for personal info to use. Talk about being a Manlet…

  4. It’s the MXR, Earthquaker Devices, Walrus Audio Collab. We already have tinnitus, what would a little vision loss be eh?

  5. The Polara is a great pedal and they're getting more expensive now. It only left my board when I got a real spring reverb.

  6. I bought a Walrus Audio R1 but felt the fidelity and algos on the Polara sounded more natural. I think the only things that could replace it would be the Mercury 7, UA Golden Reverb, or Empress Reverb.

  7. The Polara has 4 good to excellent normal reverbs plus 3 "artistic" reverbs and I think I bought mine for around $100. The ones you mention and some Strymon or Source Audio pedals each retail for several times that amount. I think that even if you buy a Polara on

  8. Yeah I paid post tax and shipping about $193 when I got mine and it was well worth it. Lack of a mix knob, pre-delay, etc. are definitely missed with it though. Love that spring but sometimes it’s just too bright for my taste.

  9. Amp settings are not universal. You could have 5 of the same amp, set all of them to same settings and they all wouldn’t be 100% the same. You also have to take into account what guitars/pickups and pedals are being used. I bought my first guitar and amp because a band I like (turnover) used them. Now I still love them but getting 100% the same tone is near impossible. However, there are a lot more knowledgeable people on here than me so if you can find out their guitarists’ rig then someone else here can probably help you more.

  10. Move on. From this post and Turnover if they don’t play a style of music you like. You don’t have to message me threats, it’s not that serious. Also if I was going to do any nasty stuff on Reddit I would just make another account, it’s not that hard.

  11. As a fellow turnover fan and music fan as a whole you’re the type of person I hate to see. People are allowed to dislike what bands/musicians make and be vocal about it. You telling someone to “move on” from a band is such a douchy/gatekeeping way to go about disagreeing with them. Just agree to disagree and go about your days ffs.

  12. I have no experience with the Zoia or the Mobius but I do have the Synethesia. I haven’t even touched the online/desktop menu and have been able to get most of the sounds I want. I think it beats out the Mobius by being able to run two effects at once. Pretty easy to use and about half to 2/3rds the size of the Mobius. Stereo out or if you run mono the pre/post mode is also really cool and useful allowing you to run the effects either pre or post dirt/gain.

  13. I don’t have any experience with this pedal but I would save up and get a good modulation pedal. I recently got a GFI Synethesia and I love it. It is dual engine and stereo like this but it has more tweak ability. If you really need a modulation pedal I’d say go for it.

  14. I don’t really want to spend even $100 on a multi mod because I normally don’t use modulation except for certain songs. That’s why this was the best I could find in my budget

  15. Ahh gotcha. I’m a modulation and reverb Fiend so I really spruce for it when I can. Then with that said I’d go for. I had a Joyo delay for a bit and it was nice, they put out pretty good products for a reasonable price and this having dual engines and stereo is pretty killer.

  16. I know almost nothing about Percussive pedals but one that I have been looking at is the RaingerFX Snare Trap. There are some good demos on YouTube and one guy I watch on both YT and IG (ambienttrash) uses it quite a lot in his music.

  17. It really is a special guitar isn't it. I have the Fender J Mascis Telecaster as well, which is like 3x the price of the Squier JMJM. And I hate to admit it but I like the Squier better. There is absolutely no noticeable difference in quality or craftsmanship between the two. And the neck on the Squier is just miles better and more enjoyable to play.

  18. Yeah I probably won't ever get rid of it simply because it's so damn beautiful. Looks even better in person too.

  19. Honestly the finish alone is the only reason I want it. Not a fan of the relicing on the neck and I prefer the V Mod pickups but that flake is just beautiful.

  20. Personally, I would grab a Greer Lightspeed Organic Overdrive. Best OD I’ve played and the only pedal to not leave my board since I got it. Low to medium gain and just brings more character to your tone imo.

  21. I second this. Best overdrive I’ve ever used. Hasn’t left the board since getting it. I can’t say that for any other pedal (although some have some off only to go right back on again). It sounds like your amp just “more” every transparent yet it has its own unique character. Pairs up with a Klones beautifully and it stacks amazingly well with a Timmy

  22. I run a JC40 so it’s pretty sterile but luckily this gives it some character. Only one other pedal has lasted longer and it’s only on my board half the time (ehx superego). I actually just ordered an EAE Halberd to pair with it and I imagine it’ll be glorious.

  23. Sick, I’ve been looking to get the compact one. I’ve had a Keeley 4knob and EQD Warden V2 and none of them did it for me. Saw that Dave Knudson was using this and checked it out, seems to be what I’m looking for!

  24. I do not. But it basically sounds just like the pedal itself in any of the demos you can find online. I run it at 18volts.

  25. Yeah I usually use my Greer Amps Lightspeed to give it some character, works great.

  26. I’ve had very minimal experience with amps as a whole but I have a Roland JC40 and I can play all genres on it. I have never delved into heavy metal but I know there have been plenty of players who use the JC amps for heavy shit because it takes pedals so we’ll. If you want something louder and back breaking the JC120 is your best bet.

  27. Greer Lightspeed for low gain or Greer Southland for high gain. But if you really want to do yourself a favor, go a little over budget and get both.

  28. Lightspeed is sooooo good. Love mine. I’m actually looking to get an EAE Longsword/Halberd to pair with it, will be a match made in heaven.

  29. The only looper I’ve worked with previous was the RC-5 but I only had it for a bit and it’s fairly standard as a looper. However, last week I got the line 6 DL4 MKii and while all the delays and reverbs are cool I’ve had it stuck on the looper about 90% of the time. The looper is upgraded from the previous version but it’s very unique. I recommend listening to Minus the Bear or watching the rig rundown of their guitarist (Dave Knudson) because he is the reason I got the looper. His way of sampling and pushing the pedal to its limits are so unique.

  30. I think if people REALLY want one they’ll have no problem getting one. My PS4 took a shit on the 14th of this month and by the 20th I got one from the Best Buy drop. I didn’t even start looking until the 17th. Had I needed another I had about 5 other chances in the last week and had a PS5 in my cart around 4 more times. Not sure about pointers for someone in school as I’m still all online but I HIGHLY recommend following PS5 drop tracker accounts on Twitter and turning post notifications on. Had it not been for that I would have never known about some of the drops.

  31. Medium I guess, I like the footprint of the Walrus audio stuff. Nothing too Chodey or Penicly

  32. The only thing I’ve looked into is Chorus or a noise gate but I hate most choruses need a like metal screamer chorus or something

  33. For me the EHX superego is perfect for this job. It infinitely sustains whatever chord or not you play and has different modes as well.

  34. You should probably list what kind of music you play and what kind of guitar(s) as well

  35. I have no experience with either but that information will help those that do. Best of luck!

  36. i was curious if you had anything better to do with your time

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