1. The best solution is to have Roman defend the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship in the main event of both nights of WrestleMania 39.

  2. This was the way...but I'm not sure they're doing that at all.

  3. It's just annoying to see how much WWE ignores their fans like me who show support to a deserving top guy. There, I said it. WWE is not as perfect as you think it is. I love Triple H's booking, but he's missing it atm with hos he's booking Sami. If he loses in EC, that's just disastrous booking.

  4. Is this why we're getting stand up talks and messages on scanners?

  5. Depends on how much I like that customer tbh.

  6. Edit-there’s a massive amount of wind in north NJ right now...could that have hampered a delivery route and caused this scan?

  7. I do know where I am...Upstate NY..carriers were being told to be back by 430 because of the weather and how cold it was getting..could be something similar down there.

  8. I honestly think kicking is a crapshoot most of the time in the NFL.

  9. The Internet is ridiculously toxic*

  10. Getting drunk and running the 24 person raids....bonus points if it's Crystal Tower and more shenanigans can be had until someone gets to upset.....there's absolutely a fine line.

  11. I much prefer HHH/Steph and co running the company than some super conglomerate or fucking Saudi Arabia.

  12. Get a PO Box...apply...tell all your friends and their mothers to apply.

  13. Kota has always been someone who does what he wants..and never really stayed in one place for a while....him signing with NJPW a bit of a surprise so I'd say 50/50 that he signs a significant exclusive deal....but I do think he shows up for a few appearances at least at some point.

  14. Cody basically fell victim to that “don’t work yourself into a shoot brother” meme. Ppl wanted him to turn heel so bad that they just started hating him for not doing it. I’m not saying he’s not at fault for not going with what the audience wants, but ppl just decided if he wasn’t turning heel that he should just go away, and that was super unfair.

  15. He teased turning heel numerous times though...he even teased it in OOC character interviews.

  16. He teased turning heel when Malakai spit in his face. I just took it to mean that he was struggling with being corrupted and eventually beat it. I mean, he outright told everyone, several times that he would never turn heel.

  17. No one believed it when he continually teased it. Don't tease something you don't plan to follow through with.

  18. Phone number or it's available online on liteblue.

  19. That's what I'm afraid of, that they'll fire me. We have 4 ccas right now because a few were just recently turned over into carreer positions. They definitely need me and constantly have me, and everyone else do extra work. We are very understaffed. I just feel like I'm so burned out. They have me do a full route, plus 6-10 relays of a second route, plus more if I'm fast enough with the first 2 routes. I work 11 1/2 - to 12 1/2 hours every day. They never tell us we're doing good so I don't know how valued I am but I know when someone calls out everyone pays for it

  20. I would think you'd probably be safe to call out...especially if you're that understaffed. They're not going to tell you...you're doing a good job...they will always want you to do more and more.

  21. It doesn't matter what you ask the Postmaster...most likely. Management is going to tell you what they think you want to hear.

  22. FFXIV is much more of an RPGMMO. If you are new to MMOs and playing with other people the game does an incredible job easing you into that. On top of that there's so much that can be done largely by yourself.

  23. USPS and The Rural Union don't give a fuck about RCAs.

  24. I just want Alter Bridge for the love of Wrestling Gawd.

  25. “Bad weather in Texas” makes a carrier from the north east laugh out loud.

  26. I'm sitting here trying to figure what exactly their "bad weather" could be.

  27. You can't not defend the Universal Title at Mania with 2 nights.

  28. Eventually they're gonna realize Cody cuts the same promo every time he steps through the curtain. I'm not sure they'll keep cheering, then.

  29. Honestly I think it should be Cody beating Roman for titles and that's it. I would keep Sami and Roman match for SummerSlam.

  30. Jey vs Roman 1 more time at Summerslam tbh.

  31. Cody on Night 1...he's was arguably the hottest thing in Wrestling before he got hurt and I think a program right with Roman for the title "His Dad Never Won" will get people to remember just how Hot Cody was before he got hurt. This story is specifically about 1 Title against the Unstoppable Dominant Champion. Roman's first loss should be to Cody. Cody has it all.

  32. God no. Seeing Jarrett on tv immediately kills my interest in 2023.

  33. Not Defending Tate because I still think he's a shithead but that shit was phony as fuck.

  34. They had another sleep over didn't they.....

  35. Because people think NFL Starting QBs just grow on trees. And remember this is just a few years of 1 team.

  36. But we haven’t drafted a QB in the first round since Aikman. No one is saying they grow on trees but the seedlings are usually found in the first round.

  37. With Romo and Dak, we've had way more pressing needs than to waste a 1st round pick or even a 2nd on a QB.

  38. Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy are vastly overrated....and nothing more than B+ Players.

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