This is the current serving Diversity Chief for the Pentagon

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  1. Why is the screenshot missing the time/date stamp? And if this is in fact a tweet from the currently chief of diversity at the Pentagon, where’s the blue check mark?

  2. I thought it was a pile of compost bags and heads of cabbage. I was wondering if maybe you planned on taking it to make your own compost.... (Gardening is obviously on my mind) lol

  3. I considered poking around for salvageable Yodas but a trip to urgent care for tetanus and/or rabies shots wasn’t worth the hassle.

  4. Was this a paraphrased quote by Filipkoski? I’ve tried finding the original source to no avail.

  5. TY but respectfully, I was asking if TrumptyDumpty said anything remotely close to “(you’re) all going to die,” which if I put any credence in doomsday lingo like oblivion, I suppose he did.

  6. Vaguely feeling bad for OP being a self-admitted slob.

  7. I have a friend who cleans homes for free for older people who have a hard time moving around.You just never know people's situations 🥹😭

  8. At a glance, it appears to be 7 pages of questions due in 10 days, 8.2 questions per day. OP needs to nut up.

  9. Yes, and he will find a way to slither out of it or not a pay a dime for any damages that comes of it

  10. The prospect of having to pay up will keel him. Just the stink of being financially on the hook for r•pe will KEEEL him. That’s my point. ✌🏼

  11. Pretty rich coming from a 36 year old grandmother....these assclowns literally have zero self awareness.

  12. Bobo is on track to be a great grandmother by 51.

  13. Bro wtf? Most 17 year olds dont have grandmas because they died of old age. This woman finna be a 51 year old GREAT grandmother

  14. Yeppers, bro. That’s how they DO, baby, in the gun lovin’, root toot boot scootin’ family of Bobo-Boeberts.

  15. Either way, both those beers are an expressway to the twelve gates of Hell.

  16. It is, however, 800 miles from the Rio Grande Valley... because the RGV is over by Brownsville.

  17. By my own admission, I suck at geography, so I accept as fact everything you wrote. Especially your last sentence.👊🏼

  18. JFC, I’m a D+ geography student at best and even I know El Paso isn’t 800 f•cking miles from the border.

  19. Pretty sure if Teidrich posted on Reddit daily he’d have been accused of karma farming by now.

  20. A better burn would have been “bigly stupid violin.”

  21. This could possibly be the worst thing I have ever seen posted here. Honestly: Sweep it up, throw it away and buy a new one. The heartache in trying to unfuck that can't be worth it.

  22. This is when you wish you had a friend on the spectrum. I look at this and think “challenge accepted”

  23. Flying cars to crash into wind turbines, Jewish space lasers and Chinese spy balloons. Solid plan from the stable genius.

  24. Vegas odds that dude’s first day in Gen Pop will be his last?

  25. I straight up cannot tell if your baking dish cracked or it’s just my phone screen.

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