1. Grill's back going out from having to fucking carry this team through conference play

  2. I don't really think the "can't end like this" comment was that bad. A heavy Super Bowl favorite throughout the year losing to Skylar Thompson in the WC would have been a huge upset and I think a lot of people had that exact thought.

  3. Maybe it is up for interpretation but I took it to mean “I don’t want it to end” for the Bills. Seemed like he had a clear rooting interest in saying that. But might just be the way I took it.

  4. I guess I could see it both ways, it probably was interpreted differently by people depending on their rooting interests. I took it as him asking a rhetorical question, like "this isn't how this really ends is it?"

  5. Nah fuck em. If they beat the bills the way they did and were classy about it, it would be one thing. But the players were nothing classes shits. Then the fans going through mental gymnastics to defend Eli clearly mocking Damar. They can go back to being irrelevant for 30 more years for all I care.

  6. That’s because Chris Simms is a hack who lacks even the most basic intelligence. It’s a medical miracle he manages to breathe and walk at the same time.

  7. Lmao he was still right though. I can't really fathom having this strong of an opinion about Chris Simms, either positive or negative, but do you lol.

  8. Nobody hated the Vikings, it was just painfully obvious that they were getting some fluke wins given their point differential.

  9. When are we going to start talking about how Burrow takes just as many hits as Allen? Just curious.

  10. Same. it's fun, I was worried about the bills but they seem to be hitting an emotional slump that might end up breaking some core players.

  11. The only key player that likely won't be back is Poyer. Our demise is greatly exaggerated.

  12. He can’t lead the Ms to a world series

  13. Yeah, losing the AFCCG is better than getting blown out at home by the team that didnt even make the SB

  14. Lmao Cincinnati is taking this loss about as well as you suspected. Unfortunately they can't blame this one on Damar.

  15. That was some swift justice for the city of Cincinnati. Don't forget you're only a year removed from being a poverty franchise.

  16. The drunken bengal fan who was talking shit outside the stadium last week and almost knocked me over then called me a fucking bitch ruined it for me lol. And Eli Apple

  17. I went to the game in Cincinnati in 2017 and I've disliked them since. Andy Dalton and Tyler Boyd are cool though.

  18. I stumbled across his IG a few weeks ago and was ashamed to see that a fellow Bills/Sabres fan was responsible for those atrocities.

  19. Ok boomer. The next thing out of your mouth will probably be "nobody wants to work these days" lmao.

  20. I’m willing to bet that most Jets fans wouldn’t say it.

  21. I didn't see any Jets fans complaining about Milano making that hit, but Dolphins fans were acting like he's Vontaze Burfict.

  22. I'm already planning on "working from home" many afternoons in the month of March. My office is within 15 minutes of the Nationals, Astros, Cardinals, and Marlins spring training sites lol.

  23. Really imagine waking up and your balls expands in size. That’s pretty scary lmao

  24. Jokes aside, y’all have an absolutely gorgeous stadium. Was on a work trip there recently and my customers wanted to see Pike’s Place but I had to walk over to that field and stand by it.

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