1. Says the brilliant politician from a state that is already experiencing the consequences of worsening climate change

  2. That's probably true A gay bathhouse, also known as a gay sauna or a gay steambath (uncommonly known as a gay spa), is a public bath targeted towards gay and bisexual men. In gay slang, a bathhouse may be called just "the baths", "the sauna", or "the tubs". Historically they have been used for sexual activity.

  3. Americans used to get a decent wage to make these, we also didn't throw them out once a string popped

  4. What was that horror movie with Elizabeth Olsen that was filmed with a "one shot" approach, really underrated movie if I remember correcta-recta-schmeckly

  5. I feel like cocaine becomes a reasonable drug when watching the Mets.

  6. Could be, I still don't agree with the lineups, it's like this team is refusing to put its best lineup out there

  7. You can’t imagine two of the best pitchers in baseball can find success? You need to eat something other than rocks, bud.

  8. More importantly, they're not American. (Rocks throw at my house)

  9. He sucked when the Mets first got him. He had a really good first 1/2 of the year last year and it gave fans too much confidence. Guy has been a .500 pitcher his entire career save for two years prior to coming to the Mets.

  10. It's the wilpon holdover mentality, we're still the lovable losrs trying to catch lightning in a bottle

  11. Yeah, solid defense, amazing power, great clubhouse guy. i read an article from him last year about his plate approach. Pete doesn't like to be a pure slugger/high strike out player. he needs the support of Alvarez and baty to get more pitches he likes for the home run swing he obviously has.

  12. The Buck hate in May after he won a 101 games and Manager of the Year honors last year is proof positive of how fickle and dumb our fan base is.

  13. We're a tried and true fanbase whose seen some crushing defeats,

  14. The Mets, we "solve" problems by throwing money at it but never get the results we expect

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