1. I’m not a fan of Erika at all, but man, I have never related to her more than when she ended her therapy sessions with, “Sigh… fuck.” LMAO I’ve been there girl!

  2. For my WeHo gays, apparently Sutton is a regular at trivia Tuesday at Hi Tops?!?

  3. This post is so weird it has to be satire, right?

  4. This is actually really upsetting and points to how unsatisfying watching RHOBH can be. Diana not showing up to the reunion, Lisa reportedly getting the axe without getting the Denise treatment… from a narrative standpoint, all the antagonists are escaping scot-free. Like imagine Darth Vader just disappeared instead of whatever happened lol I’ve never seen Star Wars

  5. How can you file a lawsuit against bots though? They aren’t real…

  6. I believe through this she’s essentially trying to subpoena Meta for records that could reveal the identity of the purchaser of the bots. Not sure how that would work though

  7. Gotta be honest — I’m seeing all your comments that he’s better in DDD than he is in TWEWY. I’m seeing all the comments that that’s just his personality. I get it, I hear y’all, and I understand y’all.

  8. What did he do in DDD that made you feel this way? That is the question on my mind. If you where saying this after playing TWEWY I’d understand, but Josh in DDD is actually pretty chill and helpful.

  9. His general smug demeanor, his condescending approach to conversation, the implication that if you get what he’s talking about, it must mean you’re smart — some of the reasons

  10. Not the trailer editors being like, “Who tf is Wendy?” 😭😭

  11. I know right. She’s on a reality tv show that’s based around drama like what are these takes LMFAO.

  12. Lmao this is truly the story of this sub. People watch 42 minutes of highly edited, highly produced “reality” content and think this qualifies them to make definitive judgments on what cast members are like in daily life. Sucks the fun out of these shows when your investment in them is like this

  13. I know right. It’s just so beyond toxic the entire fan base. I can barely even go through this subreddit without just getting annoyed because it is so cult like the mentality. If you remotely disagree with anyone, you get attacked

  14. Yup. The toxicity and QAnon-level conspiracy theories that circulate here without even a modicum of critical thinking are something else

  15. Me breaking “Sexy Unique Podcast” out of jail

  16. She doesn't realize it's bots from her cast member. People are sick and all but this is Diana.

  17. While it does seem like most of the accounts from Jax’s screen capture were bots, we have no evidence or confirmation that Diana is involved, from what I’ve seen. Let’s not spread fake news in the name of our faves.

  18. ? Speculating isn't spreading "fake news"🥴 they're bots. That's basically what you do Just what do you think people can find out for fact?

  19. “It’s bots from her castmember” and “This is Diana” are not speculative statements — they’re presented as fact. Speculative would be “I think it’s probably bots from her castmember” or “my best guess is this is Diana based on x, y, and z.”

  20. Dont wanna be an asshole but this is very easy to do. Reaction time needed is really not all that. People with below avrg times will probs still be able to react.

  21. How has no one said Dusty Ray Bottoms for her feather look?!? Pretty sure she was safe for the challenge but tbh she really should’ve gotten read for that look

  22. I feel like this is less a play on your part and moreso a lengthy chain of mistakes and misplays by the survivors.

  23. Man, can this subreddit just let people be happy about their games without being like, “Actually, you weren’t THAT good?” OP was happy about how they played here, not asking for VOD review. It costs you nothing to just say “good job!” or not comment at all. Not every play has to be pro-level to warrant feeling proud.

  24. I don’t think my opinion should stop him being happy with himself if he likes it. It’s still my opinion is all. I just expected some nutty tentacle hit or somethin when it was more a basement-smackdown which is decently common.

  25. It can still be your opinion and obviously you’re free to give it/no one can can stop you from giving it, but not every situation calls for it, especially when doing so would be a sourpuss move

  26. People want it to be true because they’ve decided that Kyle is the spawn of Satan based off of a heavily edited reality tv show they watch for a couple months every year.

  27. I don’t think it’s because Kyle is unattractive Physically - just her personality

  28. You’ve hung out with Kyle enough to form a truly accurate opinion on her personality? Or is this based off of the relatively minimal exposure you get to her from a highly-edited hour-long TV show?

  29. Man, looking at these comments I guess it’s an unpopular opinion, but my fav is definitely End of the World. It’s such a mysterious and surreal space that really works well at making the ending of the game feel extremely tense and high-stakes. The lore behind it (it essentially being the heartless equivalent of a world) is super cool, seeing remnants of destroyed worlds as you approach the Final Rest was neat, and the World Terminus is fantastic.

  30. How is it that I still see people commenting “Crystal has no storyline” “Crystal’s boring” “Crystal doesn’t do anything…” baby are we watching the same show?? She was at the center of a multi-episode drama and she’s the focus again. And her family scenes are arguably the best ones. Like just say you don’t like her because you don’t like her lmao

  31. Was honestly so confused who to vote for until I actually took a good look at the picture. Completely forgot Charisse was on this show lmao 😭

  32. Really wish y’all would stop posting Deuxmoi as if it’s ever truly been reliable. It’s literally all fanfiction

  33. Rinna’s comment was shitty af but also Sutton!!! You couldn’t figure out something to put down on the floor to not have the ladies walking on mud??? You’re just setting yourself up for torment sis

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