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  1. Best case scenario, you keep the smoker warm and a little more efficient. Worst case scenario, you burn your house down.

  2. In a lot of the “real world” you’d be laughed at for saying the shit some of those billboards I see in rural SoDak say

  3. Cool story, 75% of the state would beg to differ

  4. Yes, 75% of a state with what…. 650,000 people? So like 488,000? (I’ll round up)

  5. Ah yes, that’s close enough - thanks for the calculation

  6. Vote her out! Lock us down, tax us more, and give me my 15th booster shot! Let’s go Jamie

  7. Took Najee #1 and Keenan Allen #3 (12 man league). Nothing else matters

  8. A bottle of whiskey - Each time they pour a glass they are reminded of who gave them the bottle

  9. Why can’t we all just be liberals! Ugh! All the worlds problems would go away if we locked down and got free stuff from the government. Boo repubs!

  10. I bought Mohawk flooring 1.5 years ago, the color is now “discontinued” but I needed some more planks. They just changed the name of the color from rustic spiced oak to spiced heirloom oak, the new one is about 97% the same as the original one I bought. Call Mohawk and ask what new color go with your current one.

  11. I got one of these chairs for free from my workplace, anyone know where you can get replacement parts? The lower back support piece is broken.

  12. I have these and love them. If you can get over the fact that your wedges say “Kirkland” then you will absolutely love these. The best value on the market for wedges without a doubt. I actually take pride that my Kirkland wedges perform just as well as my buddies vokey’s that are 3x the price

  13. I just cracked a Callaway driver yesterday that’s less than a year old. Hoping they take of me half as good as TM did for you!

  14. Last month I bought a fridge that now qualifies for a $300 shop card, they wouldn’t give me the shop card because they said the policy just changed from 90 days to 30 days, I bought it 34 days ago. I suppose I could return it and buy it again but that’s such a hassle

  15. Swing 75% as hard as you think you should swing the club. And have fun

  16. My friend group would let him count the hole in 1, but give him shit the rest of his life and tell him it’s not really a hole in 1.

  17. This is about getting attention right? If he cared about the fitness aspect he’d go run trails, instead he goes to the most public place he can find and does all sorts of crazy stuff..

  18. Extra profit wouldn’t be worth the 2am Pave brigade coming through. Food trucks or food service windows is a brilliant way to make the extra $$ without having drunk people fighting and breaking all of your stuff.

  19. My current issue with the food trucks is they're never downtown from 10pm - 3am. Maybe the Kabob truck, but that's about it...

  20. It’s definitely a missing piece of our downtown nightlife

  21. Hell no. Costco sells a complete set of brand new Callaways for like $400-$500

  22. All very different watches, I think all three would be a great collection. If I had to choose one it would be Hamilton, I own the titanium field watch and they are amazing. The Hamilton is a strap monster as well - a leather, bracelet, or nato strap completely transforms the watch into something new.

  23. So why in all these comments has no one mentioned the demon alien face reflected on the berry?

  24. Thank you! I thought I was the only crazy person here, hi other crazy people

  25. I’ve wanted the Tudor BB58 for years now, I’m starting to think this will be the one instead - for 1/4 the price too

  26. Beautiful piece. I’m debating on this one or the SPB147, can’t go wrong with either one!

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