1. I wouldnt mind if they went to these movies after finishing 2007 tbh

  2. I would. I want at least Sideswipe, Sideways and Mirage before they abandon the bay movies

  3. What could feed a whole family for a month, feeds SSK for merely a day. God damn

  4. Guys I really try my best but… Unzips his pants

  5. The Decepticons don't have anyone on Earth who can inform Megatron.

  6. I know what being melted down means, but when was it stated that that happened to their remains? Who even found them. Starting to feel like TF fans are pulling non-existent facts from thin air

  7. Yes. My boi Omaeda lost a lot of goof appearances in the first episodes because of that. They also removed a Kon scene where he talks to Ichigo and Mayuri.

  8. Yes. Unfortunately it got removed. Kubo gave consent for the tone of the series. He is feeding with a lot of new content and told that the comedic part can be reduced without any problem. We lost in one side but we gain a lot in the other.

  9. ...does that mean we're also gonna loose that moment when Yoru pops up from between Orihime's boobs?

  10. Aw shit, this reminded me that I forgot to log in on my birthday. Now I gotta wait to see what happens

  11. Would be better if those highlights were replaced with brown or a darker blond

  12. The rabid Fans of the bay movies who grew up with them are growing up with the same nostalgia the generation 1 fans did, right now they’re in a stage where they think the movies are actually good due to to nostalgia for their childhood transformers. That however doesn’t change the fact that the movies are legitimately bad and that Optimus primes g1 design is more iconic than the two movie designs that collectively existed for 9 years before being ditched for g1. You can like these movies, you can love them, you can have a soft spot, I have rotf prime and Jetfire center stage on my shelf. However you can not act like any of them outside the first one are legitimately good films

  13. I made this joke on another post about how Mirage is the best live action Jazz we've ever seen and in a better car too lol.

  14. Why do you people always want to fuck the robots? there has to be a medical condition to describe this

  15. The Raiden skin in Brotherhood was just a neat Easter egg/reward for getting a high score in every training challenge in the game. There was also a cardboard box you could find in MGS: Peace Walker that pretty much let Snake do haystack assassinations. Even then, that collab, to a certain degree, actually made sense. It was two stealth franchises making fun nods to each other.

  16. Transformers Jesus getting fucking crucified for our sins what an image 💀💀💀

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