1. It’s currently a race to the bottom for prices; either your leadership recognize this and play ball, or you’ll be looking for another employer next year.

  2. That tough man. avoid wearing oakleys, cargo shorts and a backwards baseball cap and that should hopefully help a little.

  3. Seems like it would be a pretty simple matter to transition them to legitimate sales to the public.

  4. At this point there may be so many illegal/gray operations in NYC, I’m not sure how the legal market will compete. I can walk 2 blocks and buy a 80$ Oz

  5. Word thanks, I was worried about the shape deflecting the torch too much and it causing a weird inconsistent heat around the banger

  6. You'll be good just use the 10-10-10-20 method. A quick 10 count for the front and sides of the banger and 20 on the bottom again a Quick count not 10 seconds

  7. If you're in America, I'm sure the court system would find some way of holding you responsible for the injury / death of the thief

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