Little hero concept I've been working on

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  1. I hate watching this cuz it pains me to see someone die over and over and over and over and over and over and you get the point

  2. Same applies to people who pronounce read rhyming with lead and read rhyming with lead

  3. that sounds like an actually good plan tbh

  4. "The helmet stays ON during snuggle time!"

  5. Scorpion Sub-Zero Ermac Reptile stay, so do Smoke and Noob, since Tremor and scarlett are more recent, they get the cut, amd I don't like rain so he's gone, and Kitana and Mileena are more iconic that Jade so she's gotta go too

  6. Left because mf has drones dropping money 24/7 which is funny, plus he looks punchable so I care less when he dies

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