My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and wears a shit to cover his sensor. He is receiving a 2 unit dose twice a day of u100 insulin but all the smaller quantity syringes are 30 units, it’s difficult to correctly administer 2 units in a 30 unit syringe. Has anyone found smaller unit syringes?

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  1. well auschwitz was the only camp that tattooed and it was overall a death camp. very few survivors. the numbers were catalogued correct

  2. I’m very sorry about your family. Auschwitz is infamous of course, but the horrors of Treblinka are not as well-known. I read the biography of Franz Stangl (commandant of Treblinka) in college, and 30 years later it still haunts me. It’s called “Into that Darkness.” The author was able to interview Stangl before he died in prison.

  3. Don’t back down and say “so what if it’s an exaggeration”. It’s not,and the Nazis made damn sure we won’t forget

  4. Yep; one of the biggest reasons we know it’s real is bc they kept very careful records and were largely proud of their “accomplishments.”

  5. Not to mention that the world’s richest and most powerful people would suddenly have to fly their own planes and scrub their own toilets.

  6. It is effect; meaning, to bring about an altered state of affairs. The effect is the grand conspiracy.

  7. I’m going to say it: I wish this was real. I wish every kid DID get a participation trophy, at SOME point in their childhood.

  8. I always laugh at these kinds of conspiracies. Like if they really wanted to depopulate the earth, why would they chose something that you can voluntarily reject?

  9. Plus, the rich don’t want to depopulate the world. If they did, who would fly their planes and scrub their toilets?

  10. You didn’t think the vaccine resistance movement would really be limited to covid vaccines did you? Wonder how many of these kids have parents consuming nonsense from Fox News.

  11. And the “Mommy”-type groups on Facebook. They have been building anti-vax followings since at least 2012 or so, and became turbocharged after Covid hit.

  12. Glad this article mentioned that measles has the ability to wipe out a person’s immunity to other viruses; it’s a super-interesting and scary fact that I think a lot of people don’t know.

  13. I would say something like “I share some of the frustration with ‘big pharma,’ but the reality is that the companies that developed the Covid vaccines have the same level of accountability as those that manufacture all sorts of other commonly required vaccines. A lot of times, the ‘mandate’ argument (there is NO government requirement to get vaccinated, except for active military) is simply a distraction put forward to sow doubt. ALL evidence is crystal clear that getting vaccinated is the best choice to minimize one’s risk of dying or becoming severely disabled by Covid-19.”

  14. I know that it only made a difference in the extreme-closest races, but let’s not forget that they’re going to keep on dying, because they’re “all done with Covid” — so who knows what the 2024 election will look like.

  15. How's all that spike protein in your blood treating you?

  16. Since Jan 2021, I’ve had SIX Covid shots (cancer survivor), two flu shots, and two shingles shots.

  17. Yeah I’ve been saying it would affect races in states that had already started to trend purple. I know that in sheer numbers it’s not that many, but when you add long Covid and people being beaten down with medical bills, stresses of job loss, etc … a lot of families are spiraling downhill, and voting just isn’t going to be top-of-mind.

  18. I would expect so. The study defines other treatments as any cancer treatment administered by someone outside the medical establishment. Which would include a very, very wide range of useless but generally safe, like IV Vitamin C, to much more risky, dangerous, and detrimental treatments.

  19. Thank you for voting, and for going the extra mile to make sure your voice is heard!

  20. I just wanted to say that we had a diabetic cat who got that same dosage. She lived four years after her diagnosis, and was almost 20 years old when she passed away.

  21. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’ll be going this weekend! I usually like to vote on Election Day, but I think this year I’ll vote early as it is my first Texas election and I don’t know what to expect.

  22. I worked a local political campaign years ago, and an older gentleman told me that he always voted early because then if he died before Election Day, his vote would still count👍😂.

  23. Yes Ben, two things can be true at once — such as you being both Jewish and a tool.

  24. I’ve known for many years that conservatives are not funny, but it now should be clear to everyone that they aren’t conservative, either. It’s a cover for racism, sexism, and fascism — and a poor one, at that.

  25. I'd start with stricter consequences for the owners. Same for guns. Even if you where not there they are your responsibility. Owners should be give a sentence of assault with deadly weapon for attacks. In this case murder.

  26. I agree; one very big impediment (at least with guns) is that when there is a tragedy with a gun in the home and a child dies, there is a sense among prosecutors that the parents/family has “suffered enough” and they don’t bring charges for negligent homicide/reckless endangerment, etc.

  27. I'm very surprised there was no comparison of risks of COVID to risks of vaccines. Likely because this would contradict their entire point they are trying to justify. A few extra heart attacks is nothing in comparison to thousands of COVID deaths and lifelong medical complications

  28. THIS is what I wish the CDC had just hammered on from the day the vaccine was released, because it’s the only thing people really need to know, and it’s simple enough for most of the idiots in this country to understand.

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