Alito on SCOTUS critics: 'questioning our integrity crosses an important line'


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  1. I didn’t see the replay but did the rider receiver give up on that interception?

  2. why? so Dickinson can coddle him? like fuck. im sick of this coaching staff.

  3. if Dickinson coddles him, im sure his fellow players wont be nearly as nice about it, especially since it turned into 7 points for the bombers.

  4. Why then, when Israel abandoned the Gaza Strip, did the Palestinians in Gaza devote all their resources to the war with Israel?

  5. because they still controlled the border, water power and airspace? Hard to label it Abandoning it when you still control that much of the place.

  6. So it's ok to question the independence of the judicial system when we don't like it's decisions? Losing track ...

  7. The independence of this judge is not in question. It is clear she might as well be the orange traitors defense lawyer.

  8. Siphoning the water when the water was not theirs to take and continuing to take water while claiming an different project as infringement on their "rights"

  9. Reminder that it doesn't matter what national opinion polls say because our government is elected by small parts of two provinces. The Conservatives have won the popular vote in the past two elections yet in both cases failed to form government. National opinion polls are not reflective of how an election would play out.

  10. for your integrity integrity to be questioned, you would have to have any integrity in the first place.

  11. Gotta have a racially pure subreddit just like so called "palestine" has to be a racially pure arab shithole, amirite? You already have the

  12. it being racially pure isnt even the issue, its that 99% of the time, if a pro Palestine user backs up their claim with sources and facts, the other side runs away. Hard to have a discussion when one side runs away when challenged. The other issue would be the massive slant in the user base that means anything not pro Israeli will be downvoted a ton within minutes of posting.

  13. "judge" cannon should be put under a microscope, no way she can allowed to basically be trumps attorney

  14. When Israel abandoned the Gaza Strip, within a few years the Palestinians there degenerated into a dictatorship. When Israel gave partial autonomy to the Palestinian Authority, after a few years the dictator Shem Abu Mazen decided that he was not interested in holding further elections. Is Israel to blame in these cases?

  15. Israel abandoned Gaza? That must be why in the typical way of their kind they demanded airspace water power and border control of Gaza....

  16. If you are talking about the blockade, then what you say is not true, Israel only started the blockade after the terrorist organization Hamas was elected in Gaza

  17. I worked with Tom in a restaurant right before he became a cop. He was genuinely so excited to become one, it was his family’s lineage.

  18. Actually, seems like Judge is the one who fucked around and found out. Considering he's not allowed to play next game. Whitehead didn't find anything out really.

  19. he found out that talking shit about family is apparently ok in the leagues book.

  20. Can you name an example? Including one which the government was complacent?

  21. The murderer of ali Harb for one. The moment the family of the victim was arrested, it was a given he was going to be set free to kill again. When thr police refused to press charges sure looks like the government is complacent.

  22. Do you have proof that this was in fact murder, and not self defense?

  23. i dont but honestly the fact that the victims family was arrested before he was even charged tells me it was a cover up. But lets ignore that for now and go to the next example

  24. Let's move on, Trump's been out of office for some time now. Please spend my taxes and things we need, not beating down and Ex-President.

  25. Liberals should be worried in this sub. The amount of push-back you're getting is indicative of a sea change. If you need your safe-space I would recommend

  26. Have you seen the top comments in this thread?

  27. The more they attack him, the more pathetic the Liberals (ala their propaganda machines), and the NDP look. Cowards.

  28. Yes, sometimes it does make it better, but dying to first mad squirrel kind of sours the mood.

  29. That is about as far as I keep getting and I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing wrong.

  30. Damn, that’s pretty good news for the Conservatives and NDP and pretty bad news for the Liberals. Bet Trudeau’s wishing he’d implemented proportional representation right about now.

  31. She's a lifetime appointment because of Trump and McConnell - and in her position specifically because she's a partisan hack. The only strategy is to keep control of the Senate and presidency so that these unqualified judges can't be put on the bench.

  32. honestly the DOJ needs to put this judge and her family under a microscope and the moment they break the law, bring the hammer down and no plea deals.

  33. There are Muslims and Druze in Israeli government, and Jews are not just a "religious group". I am a Jew and I am an atheist. Problem?

  34. Those are temporary and unlikely to remain if the right wins the next election.

  35. That’s a false dichotomy. There’s quite the range of possibility between reclaiming an area where your people were ethnically cleansed as the result of war and the concept of owning property. In fact, most possibilities are between those two. You might as well argue owning property doesn’t matter in Canada because some random country may invade and force us from our homes. Doesn’t make squatters not squatters or home owners not home owners in the here and now.

  36. Does owning the deed not make you a home owner? Ah the Genova conventions,what israel weaponizes but never follows since they refuse to return the homes to those THEY cleansed from their homes during the wars.

  37. Generally for it to be your property, you need to own it. Simply residing somewhere does not make it yours. I understand a good portion of the Palestinian cause is based on obfuscating squatting with ownership but unfortunately it’s just not the case.

  38. Owning the deed means you own it. And israel purged a ton of Arabs for their jewish state.

  39. So I'm not allowed to shoe that conservatives are hypothetical pieces of shir now?

  40. You aren't done, just start describing what happened honestly and completely. If you heard counter arguments then indicate you did hear good counter arguments.

  41. Nope I'm just pointing out that the other side is worse isn't applied to any other country so ehy is israel special?

  42. Just banning all Arab parties wouldn't affect Arab Israelis that much. Most of them don't vote and many of those who do vote for Likud.

  43. so because it only prevents some people from being represented its ok? if someone wanted to ban one of the Jewish parties i doubt the response would be that easy.

  44. Theoretically no, it's not ok, but in this case all the Arab parties oppose Israel's existence so yes they should be disqualified from running. They can creat a non-Anti-Zionist party.

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