1. Same same same! My mess makes me comfortable I need a little ( not a lot ) clutter to feel content lol , that’s normal for me.. where as my hubby he is a NEAT FREAk … I must admit though I’m shocked we are married considering all things considered. Lol 😂

  2. Its not uncommon. Besides drinking a lot of water be sure to take in enough salt, that way your body holds the water better and you don’t flush away all the needed salts in your body.

  3. I have IBS and honestly probiotics will either do nothing/make it worse for awhile before it improves and can take awhile and you might need to find the right type of probiotic. While you figure that out take something like Imodium for fast relief.

  4. I’m noticing a lot of people saying they’re both BPD and Bipolar while taking lithium. I’m only BPD and it’s been fucking great. I’ve been on it for a few months and it’s kicked my depression. I don’t know how well it’s worked for the BPD, I don’t really have a before and after comparison but I can tell a huge difference with my depression.

  5. hey guys! nurse here. i’m not a nurse that deals with lithium however, i learned a lot about it! can be very toxic if not monitored frequently! just remember to increase ur sodium intake! too much sodium makes lithium ineffective but too little sodium makes lithium toxic! so increase ur sodium and fluid intake! also please remember to where a condom if engaging in any sexual activity because lithium is very toxic to the fetus. and please make sure to watch out for any toxic effects like vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, etc. i’m sure all of you have been discussing this with ur health care provider but just wanted to make some extra pointers and keep everyone safe! always talk to ur provider if you feel uncomfortable or have any questions! i have heard great things about this medication and has worked for so many people but don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t work for you! also remember to give it time to start being effective!! :))

  6. Im bipolar with bpd,I have never had more sucess than i have with mushrooms. It is risky and not for everyone,but it has helped me tremendously. I swear the amount of introspection i get from them allows me to work through my problems faster and has made me have a better quality of life.

  7. Damn imagine. See I eat a ton of edibles and smoke . At night or a day when I don’t have my kid. But if I did shrooms forget it. You wanna see and talk about paranoid LMFAO I don’t think my body would handle it but I’m so glad something like that has helped you I guess what I’m asking is so you’ve been in my situation and that helps you so you’re saying there’s a chance that this is not normal and that to feel a different way is a possibility

  8. So I am picking up my script today… I smoke and eat edibles a lot … will this be ok?

  9. My DR told me that could be a sign of toxicity from the medication affecting the kidney and liver … be safe.

  10. Seroquel was surreal. I slept for 16 hours once. Slept through my alarm for work, never heard my phone ring and slept from 11pm through to 3pm the next day. (11 is my normal time) I gained a lot of weight. Over 80lbs and 6 pant sizes. Never tried Zyprexa. Stay safe. : )

  11. I’m taking it for insomnia. Been on it for a week and a half, have noticed a bit of an increase in appetite.

  12. May I ask how you feel now on it? And do you take anything else with it as in another medication? Also what mg are you on?

  13. Hi there! I don’t really have any advice because I don’t know much about this condition. Just want to say I am sorry to hear you are feeling so low. You are not alone though. Many people experience similar difficulties. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, keep posting here in different subreddits. Some are busier than others. You are worth it! Every single person is important. Please keep looking for ways to feel better for yourself and your family. All the best!

  14. I took lithium and zyprexa at the same time and was really tired and gained a lot of weight but everyone is different

  15. Question… was it the NOT fighting the urge and then you gained the weight or did you eat normal and just boom gained weight … I’m on Zyprexa and I’m nervous I’ll gain weight but I have not had any munchies on it so I was wondering is it bc you can’t fight the urge to eat that made you gain on this med?

  16. It was around 25lbs. I'm just starting to lose weight 5lbs into it. Very strict diet and getting rid of temptations like candy or soda.

  17. Question…. If you fight back the urge would you have gained the weight , like … I’m on Zyprexa and all I keep hearing is how much weight people gained … and I’m wondering is it because of the way the meds interact with the brain or is it just fighting the urge to munch.

  18. Has anyone tried Zyprexa? Similar to Seroquel I believe . Just trying to see what peoples thoughts are .

  19. I take quetiapine (seroquel) since I was 14 (almost 24 now) and I think it helps? It's hard to tell because I've literally grown up taking it and if I don't take it I can't sleep, eat, focus, and am in a terrible mood overall, so I don't know how I actually am like without the medication. I also take lamotrigine (lamictal) and I think it helps too. But I have no idea who or how I'd be without them

  20. Did this med Seroquel make you gain weight ? I’m on Zyprexa which is similar to seroquel

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